along with

along with someone or something

in addition to someone or something; together with someone or something. Jane went to the mall along with David. I ate some chocolates along with some fruit.

along with something

and also something together with something She keeps her pills in her bag, along with her money and her comb and lipstick and the usual junk.

along with

1. In association with, as in For his second birthday we sent him a fireman's hat, along with some books, or The audience was invited to sing along with the star. [Early 1700s]
2. In conjunction with, as in Along with what I told you before, that's the whole story of what happened. [Early 1800s] For a synonym, see together with; also see go along, def. 2 and 3.
References in classic literature ?
But it ain't often either that a man comes along with a cabload of things to join a ship at this time of night.
Poyser, to whom an extra glass had restored his youthful confidence in his good looks and good dancing, walked along with them quite proudly, secretly flattering himself that Miss Lydia had never had a partner in HER life who could lift her off the ground as he would.
It might be a bit of her father's or mother's, who had died when she was a child, and she would naturally put a bit of her own along with it.
If thou fearest to leave me in our cottage, thou mightest take me along with thee.
A minute later she was whirled away in his arms to the dancing-floor, where, along with the other three women and their partners, a rollicking Virginia reel was soon in progress.
And when God Almighty washes Daylight's soul out on the last big slucin' day," MacDonald interrupted, "why, God Almighty'll have to shovel gravel along with him into the sluice-boxes.
What she did not sell, along with the household linen and hers and Billy's spare clothing, she arranged to store with Tom.
An' in that case, right now, you'd be a rich young woman, travelin' in Europe, with a mansion on Nob Hill along with the Floods and Crockers, an' holdin' majority stock most likely in the Fairmount Hotel an' a few little concerns like it.
Tenders are invited for Supply of SPA 100 x 2G along with machined Taper Lock Bush 1610/28
2 -- color -- ran in Simi edition only) Simi Valley City Council members, from left, Barbra Williamson and Steve Sojka, along with Director of Environmental Services Al Boughey, listen to a proposal to turn Arroyo Simi into a parklike community gathering place.
Written by internationally known speaker and author Florence Littauer, How To Get Along With Difficult People is a straightforward catalogue of difficult personality types one is likely to encounter at church, at college, at the office, or in any other walk of life, and advice for getting along with each of them.
Uptown, some boats lie in the middle of the street, along with cars crushed by a falling wall and a pharmacy trashed by looters.
While many working age blind people choose to live in urban areas in order to avail themselves of public transportation and other services, many of the senior blind, along with a significant number of children and working age adults, make their homes in rural settings.
Along with the coral reefs just seaward, seagrass beds and mangroves calm waves and wind, dissipating potentially damaging energy.