allude to

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allude to

1. To indirectly or vaguely refer to something. What exactly are you alluding to? Just come right out and say it!
2. To reference another source. Shakespeare alludes to the Bible in many of his works.

allude to someone or something

to refer to someone or something; to make an implication about someone or something. I did not mean to allude to someone you disliked so much. I alluded to the accident only once.

allude to somebody/something

(slightly formal)
to refer to someone or something briefly or indirectly In his letter, Dick alluded to problems the company was facing, but he never suggested they were going out of business.
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The obscurity of burlesque poetry results largely from two factors: the use of a highly coded lexicon, and the tendency of burlesque poets to allude to cultural ideas, social practices, and opinions whose significance eludes most readers today.
For emphasis, the titles of some works and the occasional pseudo-imagery that slips in allude to the game.
Here, too, both the juxtapositions of images and the instability of the arrangement of the spheres, which can be reconfigured mentally to form endless alternate chains of meaning, allude to those continuous shifts of physical and cognitive boundaries that are the subject of Deleuze and Guattari's text.
While the integrating motif of water continues to allude to Bailey's overarching theme of diaspora, it also serves as a metaphor for movement and for the straggle to endure--if not for the paradoxes of assimilation.
In the exhibition this spectacularization of Clark's late practice engendered its own antidote, the creation of a sanctimonious atmosphere that was wholly contrary to her intent (it has prompted several critics to allude to Beuys, whose cult she loathed).
Seen through this particular filter, the splayed and knotted puppets in Ringing the Bell Backwards, 1997, allude to the elusive, inaccessible nature of happiness - even of simple pleasure.
Tunga's pieces in this exhibit resemble archaeological remains, but also allude to a kind of archaic dimension of identity suggested by the contrast between a constantly mutating interior and the chaotic, purely voracious exterior from which it seems to want to separate itself.
Does Here dare allude to Barnett Newman's work of the same name, a sculptural idolization of the zip?
Keck's wooden people richly allude to the past, to popular culture, and to art history.
Maurizio Vetrugno's work seeks to visualize a place by using objects that allude to and mirror the real environment of the exhibition.
However, in spite of this manifest impenetrability, Solano plays at the strange paradox of placing on opaque structures elements that allude to the transparency, to the filtration of light.
The insistent glamour of these pieces posits the existence of an idealized (glamorous) body, a construct that allows Gotscho to allude to issues affecting actual bodies while avoiding any unpleasantness.
Ever since then, Appel has produced an art autre, to allude to the title of Michel Tapie's two famous 1952 Paris shows, subtitled "Signifiers of the Informal," in which Appel played a conspicuous part.
But Stella has never been theatrically open about himself, however much the titles of his works suggest a certain attitude--here they allude to declining French mining towns; the color discontinuities, spatial flaws, and ironies of his early painting constructions seem to simplify and stylize absurdity.