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alloy (something) with

1. Literally, to melt different metals together. Can I alloy this metal with copper?
2. By extension, to combine two things (typically two aspects or traits of someone or something). Ellen has been so successful because she alloyed her dedication with her natural talent.
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alloy something with something

1. Lit. to combine one molten metal into another molten metal. Is it possible to alloy copper with nickel? The copper has been alloyed \ with nickel.
2. Fig. to combine one quality or attribute with another. She alloyed her courage with a helping of wisdom. Her courage has been alloyed with wisdom.
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Alloys of polyethylene and recycled PET were the highlight of the annual SPE Global Plastics Environmental Conference (GPEC) in Detroit in February.
He says a handheld XRF analyzer may not be a justified investment if a yard does not deal with a lot of nickel alloy items.
Swigart said that research started in 1988, when Alcoa and Wright engineers were looking primarily for an alloy with "corrosion resistance and no degradation in mechanical properties" that could replace aluminum alloys already used in aircraft.
A mechanically foamed elastomeric alloy was tested versus three commercially foamed EPDM samples.
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Although no computer model has yet led directly to a new alloy, computational approaches such as Widom's are going to play an expanding role in alloy development, Shiflet predicts.
Jarzinski adds, "Only OES can determine such elements as carbon, phosphorous and sulfur, which can be important in stainless steels, certain copper alloys and a few nickel alloys.
One of the promising aspects of shape-memory alloys is that "you can make very, very microscopic tools" with them, says Carman.
A mold-release agent is sprayed onto the mold before each cycle to prevent the alloy from sticking to the surface of the mold.
In addition to some of the internal functionality, Alloy Navigator 5.
The prototype overcame technical challenges, including alloy changes and a shoe design change to eliminate shrinkage porosity; alloy changes and precise treatment and quench regimens to meet reduced surface hardness requirements while maintaining high material strength; and shoe design refinements to enhance operational characteristics.
Thyssen Holder 4140 modified, preheat-treated (24/32 Rc) free-machining alloy steel designed for mold bases.
Normally, gold and nickel don't mix to create an alloy.