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Custom Expense Item Fields - Allows business specific data to be tracked for each expense item like sales team, product line, and more.
Existing law allows any employee to file a civil action to recover unpaid wages or overtime including interest, reasonable attorney's fees and costs of suit and under the Code of Civil Procedure 382 allows for class-action suits.
Currently, city ordinances allow up to four dogs, cats or pot-bellied pigs per household.
The fourth option allows participants to set their own personal view of the worksheet.
Designed to encompass a flexible range of desktop usage scenarios, the Portege M200/205 offers an optional Toshiba Tablet Multi Dock that allows users to use their tablet PC in a comfortable, natural position and to write on the screen while at their desk.
The WebSphere software platform also includes a suite of features, including development tools, Web portals to access applications, integration of business applications, and a transaction server that allows customers, suppliers, employees and companies to conduct business processes on the Web.
The software analyzes e-mail messages for spam and virus characteristics, removes executable attachments that may launch viruses, provides detailed reports for every e-mail message received, allows set-up of multiple accounts and works with all POP3 e-mail accounts and programs, including Eudora, Lotus Notes, Pegasus, Outlook, Outlook Express and Netscape.
This allows FMS customers, program managers, and assistant program managers for logistics (APMLs) full visibility of their programs and status.
Instead of deliberating over tapes, floppy disks and backup schedules, subscribers to online data storage services can make use of provided software that automates the backup process and allows 24-hour access to stored data.
Maryland values forest land according to its most recent real property assessment for property tax purposes and allows a 15-year tax recapture.
Kidder now offers a "flow-through" system that reportedly allows very accurate and easy setting of the blades.
The USDA's proposal allows "lean" claims on both fresh and processed meat and poultry.
Mendocino's dual-mode support also allows users to easily switch between modes in an online manner.
The PCAOB allows 45 days from the report release date to complete audit documentation.