allow up

allow (one) up

To let someone rise from a prone position. If you're able to knock down your opponent, don't allow him up!
See also: allow, up

allow someone up

(from something) to permit someone to arise or get up. (Fixed phrase.) He knocked Peter down and would not allow him up from the ground. The doctor won't allow you up!
See also: allow, up
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These centers will allow UPS to bring its expansive shipping portfolio to more customers, providing them efficient services and solutions designed to meet their needs.
The Postal Service's "Parcel Select" and "Smart Post" products allow UPS and FedEx to ship many of their packages to post offices for final delivery by letter carriers to addresses both inside and outside city limits.
The trucks will allow UPS drivers to more easily schedule delivery routes in neighbourhoods and dense urban areas where congestion and parking restrictions present potential problems for larger UPS vans.
The facility will offer technology to facilitate import, export and Canadian domestic shipments and will allow UPS to double its package processing capability over time.
9679; Bundled management solutions allow UPS configuration and diagnoses remotely or on-site.
Neither nation issued a statement, but UPS released one saying that the US "Departments of State and Transportation today reached an agreement that will allow UPS and other air carriers to expand air operations to and from Japan.
We would hope that after 38-months of talks the NMB will follow its charter and allow UPS and the IPA to seek self-help.
The A380 will allow UPS to effectively meet the fast-growing demands of its customers across a variety of global trade lanes,' said John Beystehner, UPS's chief operating officer and president of UPS Airlines.
The A380, the target of Boeing's criticism that it is unsuited to the market, ``will allow UPS to effectively meet the fast-growing demands of our customers across a variety of global trade lanes, '' said UPS chief operating officer John Beystehner.
They allow UPS customers' clients to track products they've purchased online, compare and choose from a variety of shipping services that best serve their needs, and handle shipping logistics more easily than ever before.
And it has rubbed him raw over the years that the Teamsters won't allow UPS to negotiate airline benefits for its workers on the commercial carriers it uses to ship packages.
Direct hardware solutions also allow UPS management when the server is off.
The 150,000-square-foot distribution facility has been under construction since June of 2008 and will allow UPS to double its package processing capability.
The company recently completed major cost cutting measures in its supply chain management business which [a] will dramatically improve margins and [b] allow UPS to cross market it services.
The purchase of these Boeing 747-400 freighters is a part of UPS's ongoing effort to accommodate strong international volume growth and will allow UPS to continue to increase capacity on our most important international routes," said Bob Lekites, UPS vice president of Airline and International Operations.