allow free rein

allow/give somebody (a) free rein

to allow someone to do what they want or go where they want to (often + to do sth) The older kids were given free rein to do whatever they wanted. We shut the kitten out of the bedroom but allowed her free rein in the rest of the apartment.
See also: allow, free, rein

allow/give something (a) free rein

if you give ideas or emotions free rein, you allow them to develop and do not try to control them With all these materials available, we can give our creativity free rein.
See also: allow, free, rein
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But there is no reason to believe Khamenehi would allow free rein to either Khatami or Musavi in the presidency.
Hargreaves is expected to be a key man now though, offering a defensive discipline in midfield that should allow free rein to United's attacking stars.
It would also allow free rein to power mad doctors such as the late Dr Harold Shipman.
The most positive way to deal with family affairs after September is to follow your hunches, act on intuition, allow free rein to your imagination.