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allot (something) to

To give or portion something to a person or organization. We allot money to charitable donations every year. Oh, I already allotted that project to Jane.
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allot something to someone or something

to give or assign something to someone or something. We will allot a share of the proceeds to charity. I allotted a small portion of the work to Fred.
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President & CEO of Allot Communications, Andrei Elefant, said : "Our acquisition of Optenet will help Allot become a leading player in the consumer Security-as-a-Service market.
A multi-million dollar order has also been awarded to Allot by a new Tier-1 Mobile operator in EMEA.
Allot SmartEngage bolsters customer experience management by using advanced traffic awareness capabilities delivered through the Allot Service Gateway, to detect specific browsing activity and present the subscribers with offerings that are relevant to their profile, device model, operating system and browser.
Is it wrong for the government to allot land to such entrepreneurs?
According to the company, Allot WebSafe Personal delivers a Web Security-as-a-Service solution to protect and enhance subscriber and enterprise Internet experience.
Allot Communications has received orders from three new mobile operator customers during the fourth quarter of 2014 for its application-aware and network-aware video optimization system.
The key offering enabled by Allot is a virtualized security service which protects subscribers and boosts ARPU.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 20, 2016-Allot announces receipt of orders by four Tier-1 mobile operators for Allot Smart Data Source
Allot Communications Ltd (Nasdaq:ALLT) (TASE: ALLT), a supplier of service optimisation and revenue generation solutions for fixed and mobile broadband operators and cloud providers, announced on Thursday the award of four contracts in the first quarter of 2015.
We are pleased to see our Allot Service Gateway Tera continue being adopted and gaining momentum among the world s top operators for delivering digital lifestyle services, said Gary Drutin, Chief Customer Officer of Allot Communications.
This phase one deployment comes as a first-time order for Allot from this leading carrier.