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allocate (something) to

To give or portion something to a person or organization. We allocate money to charitable donations every year. Oh, I already allocated that project to Jane.
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allocate something to someone or something

 and allocate something between someone or something; allocate something among someone or something
to give or assign something to someone or something. (Between with two, among with three or more.) The committee allocated the surplus cheese to the elderly people in the community. David allocated the money among all the members. He allocated the work between Fred and George. We had to allocate the money between the philanthropy and social committees.
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According to the ILLS, the taxpayer was not using a burden rate method, because it did not allocate costs to specific inventory items.
If a client makes and reports current-year gifts that use up her unified credit and to which she allocates some of her GST exemption, and the CPA later discovers prior taxable gifts already had exhausted the credit or exemption, the client will owe taxes, interest and penalties.
TEI believes the regulations should permit taxpayers to employ any reasonable method to allocate costs among multiple-purpose activities on a year-by-year basis.
861-10T(c) contains a new rule for integrated financial transactions that allocates interest expense directly to income from an investment funded with amounts borrowed for the purpose of acquiring the investment.
To allocate tolerable misstatement using our approach, a Delphi team is selected.
The Internal Revenue Service allocated rents to Central de Gas under section 482, which grants it authority to allocate items of income and expense among related parties to reflect income properly.
The company will allocate approximately 75 percent of its 2005 capital budget to its Exploration and Production and Midstream segments.
Taxpayers should attempt to arrange their business and other economic activities to effectively minimize the income they apportion and allocate to states with high marginal tax rates.
The deemed-allocation rules applicable to indirect skips were designed to simplify the process, by removing the affirmative election to allocate the GST tax exemption, especially in instances in which the allocation was intended to be made, but inadvertently omitted.
Under the IRC, dividends on shares held by an ESOP that have been allocated to participant accounts cannot be used for debt service unless the employers allocate to those participants shares whose dollar value is no less than the dollar value of the dividends that were used for debt service.
Allocate installs in under two hours and provides a cost-effective solution that maximizes enterprises' current IT investments, using Cisco IOS(R) NetFlow, available on Cisco routers and switches.
Alternatively, Congress could allow tranfferors who make lifetime gifts in trust in 2010 to allocate GST exemption to those trusts in that year.
Method 1: Allocate on the basis of activity-based costs.
This enables companies to properly track and allocate conference expenses throughout the organization to automatically post expenses to enterprise accounting and management systems.
Year 4: In year 4, Fats needs additional tax deductions; thus, the partners agree to allocate 80% of the depreciation deductions to Fats and 20% to Waller.