all talk

all talk (and no action)

talking often about doing something, but never actually doing it. The car needs washing, but Bill is all talk and no action on this matter. Bill keeps saying he'll get a job soon, but he's all talk and no action. Bill won't do it. He's just all talk.
See also: all, talk
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Two recent books, Hot Air: All Talk, All the Time, by Howard Kurtz, and Good Intentions Make Bad News: Why Americans Hate Campaign Journalism, explore the often tortured - and tortuous - relationship between the political press, its subjects, and its audience.
A cacophony of chat fills the airwaves from coast to coast, from dawn to dusk and beyond, all talk all the time.
Whoever said that talk is cheap is responsible for one of history's more damnable cliches, as proven in "Hot Air: All Talk, All the Time," which exposes the failings of a phenomenon that spans not only the excesses of a Geraldo or Howard Stern, but TV's most prestigious Sunday morning political programs.
The TelMex system, designed originally for corporate video-conferencing, is being made available to ALL Talk Visual customers, whoever they are, and wherever they may be.
The retail program will be available in all Talk Visual locations and in many of the 7,400 nationwide retail locations in the Visual Express program currently under development with Universal Express.