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All kidding aside, I don't believe women buy retrievers just to impress the fellas.
However, all kidding aside, I respectfully suggest to R A Vant if he wishes to know exactly what the truth is in regard to Ukip and its views on the NHS he should read the Ukip 2015 manifesto.
All kidding aside, Stark's in trouble and needs Peggy to find out who the real traitors are.
All kidding aside, he hopes this film will take his love of filmmaking to the next level.
All kidding aside, members quickly discover the deals are as real as they are extreme.
All kidding aside, Aberdeen was definitely the place to be on Sunday night and, I'll tell you what, if all the licensed premises in the city donated just 10 per cent of the till receipts to the club, I reckon they could make a serious bid for Lionel Messi.
He said: "We may joke a lot but all kidding aside, when we learned the facts about how stem cells from cord blood and cord tissue can be used to possibly save lives, hell yeah we stored.
All kidding aside, I want to point out the advantages of having a donkey on the homestead.
All kidding aside, the Popcorn Board (which really exists) suggests several ways to celebrate--make popcorn strings for birds to eat
All kidding aside, I drive the machine, so to speak.
All kidding aside, I don''t really get a chance to see too many things new any more.
All kidding aside, legislative control over size, use and type of business cannot lead to a good result.
All kidding aside, what do these two trendy terms really mean and why should credit unions care?
All kidding aside, an Internet service outage does strike fear into the hearts of most businesses.
All kidding aside, when it comes to the exemplary humanists honored annually by the AHA we can always count on the caliber of their intellect and integrity, and look forward to their keen and unique articulation of humanist principles.
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