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It is the essential alikeness of the other's suffering that makes him interesting to Montaigne or to Lear, in that the other's capacity to endure inspires his social superior to do the same.
The ascendancy passed roughly from New England to the Midwest to the South; it has passed to and stayed longest wherever there has been a shared past, a sense of alikeness, and the possibility of reading a small history in a universal light.
Arguably, the alikeness of economic development in partners' respective countries manifests in highest levels of similarity between partners' national cultures (i.
Marker-based estimates of identity by descent and alikeness in state among maize inbreds.
And so we look in the mirror of Levi's witness, and see reflected back to us not an image of criminals, but one of docility and reason, a likeness of our own respectability, alikeness of the human.
But late at night, when I watch them sleeping, I can see their alikeness so clearly.
For every person who walks in your association's door, remove the superficial alikeness and immediately start to explore differences as a way of telling you what's there that's going to serve you.