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alert the public

To bring something to the attention of the public at large, especially as a warning of some kind. The purpose of her video was to alert the public to the risks of eating too much sugar. We want to alert the public that the business will be moving to a new location at the end of the month.
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alert someone

to something to make someone aware of trouble or potential trouble. The auditors alerted us to some problems with the accounts.

on the alert (for someone or something)

watchful and attentive for someone or something. Be on the alert for pickpockets. You should be on the alert when you cross the street in heavy traffic.
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be on full/red alert

if soldiers are on full alert, they know that a situation is dangerous and are prepared to act immediately if necessary The British flagship in the area went to battle stations and remained on full alert for twenty minutes.
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on the alert

Watchful, fully prepared, as in The inspectors are always on the alert for a manufacturing error. [Late 1700s]
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on the alert

Watchful and prepared for danger, emergency, or opportunity: bird watchers on the alert for a rare species.
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An issue like AIDS advocacy has many more friends than enemies, so this helps: a well-designed alert could travel through social networks and reach supporters its author never knew.
The Fraud Alert also fails to recognize that many socalled "incentives" identified in the Fraud Alert benefit not only the physician, but also the offering hospital.
Guardian Alert 911 offers much more range than the traditional 30 feet in a limited footprint.
The AMBER Alert program, named for 9-year-old Amber Hagerman, who was kidnapped and murdered in Arlington, Texas, is a voluntary partnership between law-enforcement agencies, broadcasters, and transportation agencies to activate an urgent bulletin in the most serious child-abduction cases.
AMBER Alert Awareness Day is an important reminder for all of us to renew our efforts in making child protection a national priority," said Steve Largent, President and CEO of CTIA-The Wireless Association[R] and President of The Wireless Foundation.
Wireless AMBER Alerts is a major contribution to the AMBER Alert program, and will help to continue to save the lives of abducted children.
Alert Logic's unique on-demand network intrusion protection model was central to the college's decision to replace its previous solution, according to network security analyst Jason Youngquist, who is responsible for maintaining security for Columbia's two highly distributed networks - one for its employee base of 1,100 and the other for its large student body.
Alert Logic continues to focus on enabling our service provider partners to deliver world class network security 'in the cloud' to a broader set of their clients, said Chris Smith, vice president of marketing at Alert Logic.
Representing Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio, Wright declared the day Wireless AMBER Alert Awareness Day for the City of Tampa.
The credit alerts will initially be offered in three categories: Credit Retention Alerts, Credit Cross-Sell Alerts, and Credit Prospect Alerts.
For partners like Security Solutions, Alert Logic's Vanguard program delivers substantial resources and brings a practical approach to shorten our sales cycles, improve selling effectiveness and helps us retain clients.
Hunt Ventures looks for companies with a sustainable competitive advantage, as well as a motivated management team and Alert Logic excels in both areas," said Steve Coffey, Managing Director of Hunt Ventures.
The Wireless AMBER Alerts initiative was launched in May 2005 as a way to complement AMBER Alert programs by reaching out to the nearly 70% of the American population that uses wireless devices.
More than 250 children have been successfully recovered as a result of the AMBER Alert network.
The Wireless AMBER Alerts initiative was launched in May 2005 as a way to extend the AMBER Alert program by reaching out to the nearly 70% of the American population that uses wireless devices.