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Born in Worcester, she was the daughter of Aleck and Jean (Cutting) Peters.
Some underground mining will also be conducted via ramps below the Aleck Hill, Mad Kiss and East Walcott Hill pits.
I expect he'd have some smart aleck replies to any accusations, but I know one thing, the Blair/Brown Labour government was the greatest betrayal of the Left since the Spanish Civil War.
Some smart aleck is going to pick up Honeybee Democracy, an account of decision making among bees, and snicker that the book should be titled Honeybee Monarchy.
Participants included Pastor Phil Vana (Protestant), Brother Matthew Cunningham (Roman Catholic), Imam Abdul Rahim Barghouthi (Muslim), Esteban Castillo (Buddhist), Rabbi Teri Appleby (Jewish), Ben Aleck (Native American spirituality), Dr.
Some smart aleck is now thinking, "But Duke lives in Montana.
Then some Smart Aleck averred Bob Dylan would have failed to qualify for the show.
If you like crude jokes and smart aleck asides - bingo
they're free at the library, that my smart aleck cousin
Likely just playful goading of us locals by the smart aleck.
And please, I am not trying to be a smart aleck, just wondering, because there just might be a bigger market out there for one.
Both have difficult home lives; smart aleck Mick finds solace in reading, despite his alcoholic father, while tough guy Boot, who loves playing guitar, tries to avoid his physically abusive dad.
Hopper's invention, the machine has become something of a smart aleck.
She was horribly injured and traumatised until a doctor called Aleck Bourne took pity on her and performed an abortion to save her sanity.