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drop your aitches

fail to pronounce the ‘h’ sound, especially at the beginning of words.
In Britain, dropping your aitches is considered by some to be a sign of a lack of education or of inferior social class.
1903 George Bernard Shaw Man & Superman This man takes more trouble to drop his aitches than ever his father did to pick them up.
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ˌdrop your ˈaitches

not pronounce the ‘h’ sound, especially at the beginning of a word, where it is pronounced in standard English
This is a feature of some English accents, for example the London one.
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and 773H
n. hell. (This is based on the printed word HELL rotated 180 degrees. Jocular.) What the seven-seven-three-aitch is going on around here?
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He did, after that, provide the list of spellings of those letters that do have one, at least according to the Oxford English Dictionary (second edition, 1989): bee, tee, dee, ef/eff, gee, aitch, ell, em, en, pee, cue, ar, ess, tee, peg zee/zed.
So if you're spelling the wold "house", you breath on the aitch first and then the rest of the vowels and consonants follow easily.
A dual winner over 1m4f on the Flat and suited by flat tracks, Mr Aitch looks to have everything in his favour and appears the type to win under both codes over the next few months.
Premier Division pacesetters Union Tavern had hat trick stars in Aitch and Dorgon as they powered home 10-1 against basement club Waterloo.
Drummer Charley Aitch Bembridge, founder member of The Selecter, who plays in the show, joined in and the two original Rude boys sang Monkey Man together.
ANDY MURRAY could win Wimbledon without dropping a set - the greatest achievement since Virginia Wade won the women's title without dropping an aitch.
Aitch Luke Fitzgerald is good, but doesn't have Shane's step, pace or experience.
Noble Raider, a 16-1 chance, came from way off the pace to upset the favourite Mr Aitch in the Watch Security Novices' Hurdle.
The band, whose drummer Aitch has played with The Selecter and The Specials, is made up of regulars at the Albany, along with Lizzi, who plays saxophone.
Aitch, Glasgow AS a Celtic-supporting family, we'd like to send our sincerest best wishes to Rangers legend Sandy Jardine in his battle with cancer.
Joanne Aitch, Ellesmere Port, Wirral JAMES should be the type of person youngsters look up to.
Something has been bugging me with the Examiner for the past 60 years or so, regarding what to do with 'a' and 'an' when it comes to words starting with the letter aitch.
Cheshire property developer John Donald made it three wins from his last four Wetherby runners when Mr Aitch defied top-weight to collect the 2m handicap hurdle under Sean Quinlan.