air grievances

air (one's) grievances

To express one's dissatisfaction. The employees used the meeting to air their grievances about their salaries and working conditions.
See also: air, grievance

air one's grievances

Fig. to complain; to make a public complaint. I know how you feel, John, but it isn't necessary to air your grievances over and over.
See also: air, grievance
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In some cases, teachers may be feeling bullied by parents taking to the internet to air grievances, union leaders acknowledged.
Iraq has taken steps to address reconciliation, establishing a high-level committee for that purpose and holding public meetings to air grievances.
Summary: Iranians have political, economic and social demands that must be heard, President Hassan Rouhani said Tuesday, one of his clearest statements of the right to air grievances since demonstrations were put down violently in December and January.
The government's Human Rights Commission compiled it after monitors there were approached by a number of expats who wanted to air grievances against rogue employers.
But by manipulating the core of the protests for political gain, politicians threaten to neutralize the demonstrations and drown out what could be an effective avenue to air grievances against Iran's dysfunctional economic structure.
Angry players called a summit meeting to air grievances about Warburton's insistence on playing out from the back.
Seek the assistance of the departmental Blue Hat Committee or similar resource to air grievances.
The disgruntled NASA co-principals want to show a symbol of unity, but they have instead let their foot soldiers air grievances on their behalf.
Olalia pointed out that it could be argued that the prohibition on drivers to hold strikes was unconstitutional as it trumped on one's right to peaceably assemble and air grievances to the government.
Not to condemn alone, or air grievances in the UN, which has become nothing more than an institution of bureaucracy.
Millersville University students, staff and administrators held and open forum last week to air grievances, prompting the school's president to apologize for what many criticized as a response that was not firm enough, local news outlet Lancaster Online reported.
The document was leaked on the Facebook page "Fill Your Boots" which is used by serving and ex soldiers to air grievances.
Birdwell - who likened the commission to airport security ("absolutely necessary," but making life "pretty darn unpleasant") - wasn't the only member of the mostly Republican committee to air grievances about the eight-member commission, which is charged with making sure public officials and campaigns obey state ethics and elections laws.