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grab (a)hold of (someone)

1. Literally, to grab and hold onto someone with one's hands. The police officer grabbed hold of the suspect before he could run away. My sister grabbed ahold of me at our mother's funeral to keep herself from breaking down in tears.
2. To gain total control, influence, or power over someone. Once major corporations grab hold of a politician, it's easy to predict where his political interests will lie. Addiction seems to have completely grabbed ahold of John.
3. To capture someone's attention, interest, or imagination. Her latest novel grabbed hold of me and didn't let go until I'd read it cover to cover.
See also: grab, of

catch (a)hold of (someone or something)

To grasp or grip something. Catch hold of that end of the sheet and pull it straight. I tried to catch ahold of her before she fell off the step, but it happened too fast.
See also: catch, of

get ahold of somebody

to communicate with someone get hold of somebody I'm trying to get ahold of everyone to tell them the party is at 9 tomorrow.
See also: ahold, get, of

get ahold of something

to obtain something get hold of something I finally got ahold of that novel you said I should read.
See also: ahold, get, of
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As part of this vision, Ahold USA has made a commitment to reduce its carbon footprint 20 percent by 2015 from its 2008 baseline.
Today's announcement builds on the work that the CIW as well as Ahold USA and its suppliers have done to deliver responsibly sourced tomatoes to customers and to help improve conditions for farmworkers in Florida.
75 Ahold ordinary shares for each Delhaize ordinary share.
According to officials with Ahold USA, which operates the Stop & Shop, Giant Landover and Giant Carlisle chains, the intention is for the Eastside Marketplace employees and management to remain in place running the store under its current banner.
EPA is excited to welcome Ahold USA as a Green Power Partner and congratulates them on making the list of the Top 50 largest green power purchases," said Blaine Collison, Director of EPA's Green Power Partnership.
If the Court grants preliminary approval, Lead Plaintiffs will disseminate a Court-approved form of notice to all persons who purchased Ahold common stock and/or American Depository Receipts from July 30, 1999 through February 23, 2003 (the "Class"), regardless of where such persons live or purchased their Ahold shares.
Ahold announced the irregularities were discovered in "the recognition of income including prepayment amounts related to US Foodservice's promotional allowance programmes", which it believed may exceed $500m.
Three Ahold workers from the Virginia area will travel to Amsterdam in the Netherlands, to attend the company's annual general shareholders' meeting on April 20, 2011.
Ahold CEO Dick Boer will step down to become chairman of the supervisory board of the enlarged group.
In addition to solar power, the Ahold USA team worked with its New England division to construct their first fuel cell project at a Stop & Shop in Torrington, CT, which consumes natural gas to produce electricity and waste heat.
Ahold announced the appointment of Alex Gibbons as Ahold's Chief Information Officer.
Dutch retailer Royal Ahold faces still more bad news--from its southern front.
Global retailer Ahold rushed out a statement this week to calm investors after its shares fell 10% in the wake of a report suggesting it may be forced to buy out its Scandinavian partners, ICA and Canica.
Further, the report profiles the leading firms of the industry - Carrefour, Tesco, METRO and Koninklijke Ahold - and compares their competitive positioning.
May 14 (SeeNews) - KBC Securities does not expect the ongoing merger talks between Dutch Ahold (AMS:AH) and Belgian Delhaize (EBR:DELB) to benefit the stock market valuation of the Dutch supermarket group.