ahead of time

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ahead of (one's/its) time

More advanced or innovative than is or was typical in a particular era. That 19th-century scientist was definitely ahead of his time with his detailed plan of space travel. I can't believe that movie is from the 1950s—it's so progressive and way ahead of its time.
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ahead of time

Earlier than a given deadline. If we get to the theater ahead of time, we'll have our pick of good seats. My term paper isn't due until next week, but I finished it ahead of time.
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*ahead of one's time

Fig. having ideas or attitudes that are too advanced to be acceptable in the present. (*Typically: be ~; think ~.) Sue's grandmother was ahead of her time in wanting to study medicine.
See also: ahead, of, time

*ahead of time

beforehand; before the announced time. (*Typically: arrive ~; get there ~; leave ~; show up ~.) If you show up ahead of time, you will have to wait. Be there ahead of time if you want to get a good seat.
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ahead of time

Earlier, sooner, as in The meeting was scheduled for three o'clock, but most people arrived ahead of time. [Early 1900s]
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ahead of/behind ˈtime

early/late: He arrived ahead of time, and had to wait.The trains are running behind time again today.
See also: ahead, behind, of, time
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Again, we call out an option, counter, or special play ahead of time.
We called ahead of time, and they said, `Oh, it's beautiful.
You can make it easier on yourself, and your loved ones, if you "disaster-proof" your finances ahead of time.
Knowing ahead of time that it is just a school program doesn't make the call easy to take, Evert said.
We want to raise as much money as possible, so please help now ahead of time.
Tom Ortenberg, president of Lions Gate Films Releasing, said ``Rules of Attraction'' was also locked into its release date well ahead of time with promotional campaigns set in motion including publicity appearances by the film's cast members James Van Der Beek and Jessica Biel.
Instead of waiting for the customer to tell us when there is an issue, we may know ahead of time, which allows us to be faster and more efficient in our support services.
CHP officers believe that word of the crackdown leaked out ahead of time, so many of the hard-core street racers they expected to catch were not there.
So rather than commit himself to a real decision ahead of time, Hahn has vacillated, saying only that he'll base his decision ``on the merits'' - whatever that means.
Please access the webcast at least five minutes ahead of time as some systems may require a brief software download to display the presentation.
Farrell was pleased that the Beverly Hilton event was practically sold out days ahead of time, with more than 800 tickets at $250 each already purchased, about a hundred more than in previous years.
Upon arrival, guests also will receive their own spa orientation session, where early questions can be asked and addressed discretely and ahead of time.
The sweeping cuts stunned local officials, who were not notified of the action ahead of time.
When we travel, we have to plan our schedule, meetings, transportation and clothes ahead of time, and we really have to do the same with our fitness regimen," says Wheeler.