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For them, the struggle to remain ahead of the pack comes down to a need for benchmarks: How do you measure yourself against the best?
pulled ahead of the pack by announcing that they had developed the world's fastest transistor.
They are producing a special section to let nanotech leaders speak for themselves about the success of their enterprises and the value proposition that keeps their company ahead of the pack.
Building the BASF Better Home, Better Planet: Near-Zero Energy Home in New Jersey--a state that is way ahead of the pack when it comes to supporting energy-efficient, sustainable development--just made sense.
But with Kerry surging ahead of the pack in 10 of 12 states' Democratic presidential primaries or caucuses - and poised to reel in even more victories today in Tennessee and Virginia - analysts say celebrity support will follow the front-runner.
Far from being out of step, the Holy Father is way, way ahead of the pack.
St Harmon stayed ahead of the pack in the Castle Carvery Rhayader Mid Wales League (south) with a 3-1 win over Llandrindod Reserves courtesy of two goals from Tom Williams.
There are some 11 companies on the BE Black Stock Index (see "Grizzly Battle," Moneywise, May 2001) and another 14 companies on the BE Black Mutual Funds Index (see "Staying Ahead of the Pack," Moneywise, April 2001).
It's proof that the Irish Mirror is always ahead of the pack.
com) and make acquisitions to keep ahead of the pack in what has become a very crowded Latin America Internet market, a market that is expected to grow from a current 5 million to 19 million by 2003.
The versatile former Widnes player is being hunted by several top Rugby Union clubs - with Welsh glamour boys Cardiff ahead of the pack.
To achieve success in the 1990s, CEOs must accept that fundamental change is needed to turn "have-not" businesses into "haves," and that constant change is needed to keep the "haves" ahead of the pack.
Com One intends to stay one step ahead of the pack as we roll out our new product line.
Having seen their lead trimmed to two points last week, the Seasiders will be keen to stay ahead of the pack as they look to bounce back from their midweek Central Wales Cup final defeat against Welshpool.
Now, this is where a little wine smarts makes you daring, different and way ahead of the pack.