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Writing in his programme notes ahead of the game, he said: "I will probably leave Sam to take the lead again on Tuesday because he's done all the planning "I would like to thank everyone for their messages of support during what has been a difficult week.
The UK desperately needs to increase its percentage of women in business and initiatives like Ahead of the Game will help to create the next generation of female entrepreneurs.
I carry my stuff in a carrier bag, That carries the supermarket name, I go to town with my mum and dad, I'm always ahead of the game.
Wary that nanotechnology could suffer the same political setbacks that have slowed adoption of genetically modified crops, researchers and policy makers are trying to get ahead of the game.
We are ahead of the game, we can show audiences the big picture, and reframe the issues that confront all of us.
Virtuoso is ahead of the game in web services and provides a practical, easy to use technology to exploit this new way of connecting applications", said Martin Butler, Founder and Research Chair of Butler Group.
TOWER Technology has hundreds of successful workflow deployments worldwide, and in our experience, Fujitsu's new EJB-based i-Flow architecture is ahead of the game in supporting customers' existing technology infrastructure," said William Zastrow, senior vice president of worldwide corporate marketing at TOWER Technology.
As a regular runner, you're already way ahead of the game.
For businesspeople who want to stay ahead of the game, The 101 Best Web Sites for Business Executives and More
The RMA is even ahead of the game concerning safety.
The essence of visioning, so aptly captured in Gretzky's statement, is playing ahead of the game.
I discovered I was ahead of the game as I was already drinking at least six to eight glasses of water a day, consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables, and eating a low-saturated fat, high-fiber diet.