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Had they pulled in below me they must surely have seen me against the faint glow of light ahead, but from where they finally came to rest I was as secure from detection as though miles separated us.
Of the twelve prisoners who had been chained ahead of me each alternate one had been freed commencing with Dian.
Did one forge ahead an arrow found his heart; did one lag behind he never again was seen alive; did one stumble to one side, even for a bare moment from the sight of his fellows, he did not return--and always when they came upon the bodies of their dead they found those terrible arrows driven with the accuracy of superhuman power straight through the victim's heart.
Man is the boss because he's got the head that thinks," Collins preached the lesson; "and he's just got to make his head boss his body, that's all, so that he can think one thought ahead of the animal, and act one act ahead.
Nor, because it came up slowly, and because Collins had anticipated the yawn by being one thought ahead of Hannibal in Hannibal's own brain, was the nose rapped.
The stick was poised to strike, one act ahead of the lion's next possible act, as Collins's mind was one thought ahead of the lion's next thought.
So we raced along, behind us a howling, screaming bedlam of wrathful Greeks, Collinsville ahead, and bullets spat-spatting all around us.
This was done by the boat ahead trailing a small rope astern to the one behind.
With this, he began to march along the road to the opening in the rocks ahead, and the others kept close behind him.
Passing the infantry pickets, the detachment soon afterward approached two cavalry videttes staring hard into the darkness ahead.
Dunning is just ahead there," he said to the captain of his leading company.
The mail is only a mile or two ahead of us; that's one reason why we have to go so slowly.
The boat train's just ahead of us, sir," he announced.
The Tsar and the whole court and crowds of people were all gazing at them--at him, and Mahotin a length ahead of him, as they drew near the "devil," as the solid barrier was called.
The mare, excited by Gladiator's keeping ahead, had risen too soon before the barrier, and grazed it with her hind hoofs.