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agonize (oneself) over

To worry excessively, especially about a decision or past action. Please stop agonizing yourself over this decision. It won't really matter which one you choose. There's no need to agonize over what you said to him. He probably doesn't even remember.
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agonize (oneself) over someone or something

to fret or anguish about someone or something. Now, now, don't agonize yourself over the situation. Time cures all.
See also: agonize, over
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We talk shop about it, exclaim it, even agonize over it.
In fact, it's when you assume that most senators did agonize, did call upon their years of experience and their gut instincts in reaching their decisions, that their failure to try to guide others to the mountaintop seems most odd.
Commenting on the introduction of the company's D&A framework, Bob Meyers global CEO of Millward Brown, said, "Having watched so many of our clients agonize over where to allocate their budgets - particularly the delicate balancing act between sales and marketing - we've been actively searching for how we could help.
They spend hours designing their resumes, spend a fortune to make sure their resume looks professional, often pay steep fees to mass-mail their resumes and agonize over every typo they make.
Parents fret over that first credit card solicitation that their teenage child receives in the mail, and those same teens agonize over which of the dozens of credit card offers they should accept first
Here are some of the moral questions Josie and John agonize over: the meaning of patriotism and the use of violence; an individual's search for his or her own answers about right and wrong; judgment and forgiveness, including forgiving and accepting oneself.