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One tramp watched agog as the police removed can after can of booze from United fans at the turnstiles and threw them into a skip.
That's because 'Merkin, as we call our version of the language, has a rule (really a convention or style, not a hard-and-fast stricture laid down by some authority) that holds, 'Don't use a hyphen after an adverb ending in ly' Now, not all adverbs end in ly--fast, twice, agog and very are all ly-free adverbs--but most of them, like the sexy scantily, do.
Coughers of the world, unite - especially when the whole country will be agog at your every rasp.
Rushing upstairs this morning, all agog over the latest issue of THE NEW AMERICAN, and what to my wondering eyes did appear, but visions of fairies, and a whole bunch of queers.
Perhaps you'd also like to respond to the AGOG news release on page 11.
Shiba's story is about the last Shinsen-gumi, but Oshima's movie is so deliriously agog over the men's sex lives, you would think it was really about the first homosexuals on earth.
I listened agog as people from war-torn areas told heart-rending stories of suffering and pain.
For example, the Supreme Court has held that states cannot be sued in either federal or state court for copyright or patent infringement, a decision that has left the intellectual property bar agog.
8 /PRNewswire/ -- Today Agog Software Corporation, an analytical applications supplier to the e-business market, announced that it has chosen to partner with Cognos(R) (Nasdaq: COGN; Toronto: CSN), the leading strategic vendor of enterprise business intelligence solutions for e-business.
SEPTEMBER--Local yokels are agog over the sexation of the fair, one Sally Rand, who has lifted herself out of the semi-obscurity of the night club fan dancer into the lucrative heights of a newspaper headliner with that one simple gesture.
For most of its 90 minutes the narrative moved with the grace and speed of a chariot race, while the animated vistas of Egypt made me feel like a wide-eyed tourist agog in some ancient wonderland.
This tiny town, home to an auto parts factory, is agog over the plant's new employee information newsletter.
RushNet stockholders, not a few fortunate financiers, can own the company which owns the sparkling Organic Apple RUSH[TM] line of organic beverages that has our industry all agog.
Now we can keep a close eye on the enigmatic Scottish beast that has had the English agog for ages, just like David Cameron and Ed Miliband have been doing.
The hapless factory worker is agog as Beth tosses her unopened container in the bin claiming she needs to lose weight.