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agitate against

To provoke or encourage negative feelings or opinions about someone or something; to protest something. The protesters are agitating against the company's unfair working conditions.
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agitate for

To encourage and build support for a cause, especially by actively campaigning for it. The students have had great success agitating for more social events on campus, but the dean is still opposed to the idea.
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agitate against someone or something

to stir up active dissatisfaction about someone or something. The students were agitating against the closing of the old cafeteria.
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agitate for something

to stir up active support for something. The committee agitated for a change, but nothing was done.
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agitate against

To stir up public opposition to some cause or issue: The students in front of the administration building were agitating against the increase in tuition.
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agitate for

To stir up public support for some cause or issue: The union decided to agitate for better health insurance.
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The Pakistani nation makes a fervent appeal to the agitating political parties, particularly PTI, to stop agitating and creating anarchy in the country.
Police said that PPP workers were agitating against the alleged rigging in the by-poll, when a clash started between the workers of PPP and PML-N that soon turned ugly by firing in the melee killing one PPP activist.
Chavan said the farmers -- who have been agitating for an increased MSP for cotton, soybean and paddy grown by them this season -- will get financial assistance from the government's special package on the basis of the number of hectares of land they owned.
Meanwhile, a clash erupted between the locals and the agitating Maoist cadres while the latter were enforcing banda.
He wanted to make sure everything was all right at home while he worked out a package that would be acceptable to the agitating workers of his company.
Home Department sources said the administration was upset over Gill's handling of the Gujjars' who have been agitating for the past nine days demanding Scheduled Tribes status.
And the media fell for it, big time - especially the newly named ``opinion press,'' which surely includes all the right-wing talk-show harridans who have been agitating their listeners about the issue for months.
Steinert manufactures agitating drum magnets, which means they have several poles that are opposite one another, which causes the material to flip, releasing trapped dirt, Ciccotelli says.
Jacobs and his colleagues at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities have demonstrated the feasibility of quickly assembling hundreds of identical microcircuit components by agitating subunits in liquid ethylene glycol heated to 100[degrees]C.
Supporters of the political parties agitating against the king's seizure of executive powers in October 2002 took to the streets in many other parts of the kingdom and clashed when police intervened, reports reaching the capital said.
He told the press in February that his "foot isn't heading for the brake" yet, but analysts predict he will be one of the first members agitating to take back some of last fall's rate cuts by the second half of this year.
She also shows the importance of the sympathy these deputies garnered from the chair (Ayatollah Hossein-Ali Montazeri, currently under house arrest) and vice-chair (Ayatollah Mohammad Beheshti, later assassinated) of the constitutional meeting in agitating for their inclusion and in helping to redu ce the repetitive references to Islam in the language of the constitution.
The Chinese government continued to believe the Dalai Lama was agitating for independence "because of their over-suspicion and fear" and because they considered him a tool of Western anti-Chinese forces.
Too many African Americans want to be able to gain as much, and go as far and as fast as any other citizen of this great land--as long as they don't have to risk being a "trouble maker" by agitating against the practices, policies and behaviors that prevent them from doing so.
Within hours of Raj Thackeray giving a call to his party activists to "teach a lesson" to the agitating auto drivers for the fare hike and their high-handedness, the MNS took to streets and damaged vehicles in some parts of Mumbai on Tuesday night.