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agitate against someone or something

to stir up active dissatisfaction about someone or something. The students were agitating against the closing of the old cafeteria.
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agitate for something

to stir up active support for something. The committee agitated for a change, but nothing was done.
See also: agitate

agitate against

To stir up public opposition to some cause or issue: The students in front of the administration building were agitating against the increase in tuition.
See also: agitate

agitate for

To stir up public support for some cause or issue: The union decided to agitate for better health insurance.
See also: agitate
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I'M straining to hear the commentary of some race at Haydock and she's agitatedly trying to hoover around my ankles.
Shuttlesworth agitatedly replied, "Now Chief, we're just tired as hell of Bull Connor harassing us and we are about ready to just all of us go to jail.
It was the sound of the bore, travelling up river, invisible in the night, but making the reeds and rushes on the river banks swish and sway agitatedly with a noise like the sound of excited whispered gossip.
After the Jets beat the Steelers, 20-13, Ryan could be seen yelling agitatedly while walking onto the field to meet Steelers coach Mike Tomlin.
Police were called by a terrified woman motorist who saw the 34-year-old former rugby league player "running in and out of cars" and behaving agitatedly on Wednesday evening.
We removed the Wood Thrush nestlings for banding on 15 June, and the towhee called agitatedly while in close proximity to the Wood Thrush parents, which also were scolding.
They were agitatedly gazing at the sooty smoke billowing out of the open front door, seeping greyly through the roof-tiles into the bright morning air, thrusting itself thickly against the window-panes.
Soon, one boy, Omar, who was sat quietly eating his morning tea, registers the girl's presence, jumps up from his chair and begins pacing in the corner, agitatedly flailing his arms.