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Declining proliferation is a cause of mammalian aging," says Sharpless.
He argues that we should address male-specific factors in the aging process including health and relationship issues.
Although there is no NIEHS program specifically dedicated to addressing aging and the environment, the institute's commitment to investigation of the complex interplay between the two runs deeper than grant making--it is an integral element of the stated mission of the NIEHS.
Colorado Association of Homes and Services for the Aging
While all elderly people experience losses, depression is not a normal part of aging anymore than it is at any age.
They include public figures whose aging drew comment, published authors describing their own aging, and otherwise unknown individuals who happened to tell their stories to royal commissions and interested social scientists.
The free-radical theory of aging is based on the hypothesis that the endogenous build-up of free-radical species results in oxidative molecular damage.
For more information on aging and exercise see the National Institute on Aging at www.
Steven Zarit, PhD, of the Gerontology Center at Penn State University argued in a symposium on "Psychology of Aging-Envisioning the Future" that advances in care of the "oldest old" have created a much more optimistic view of aging.
as the 20 phr BIMS sample within the first week of aging.
Unfortunately, differentiating normal aging from a host of other medical, social, environmental, chemical, physical, and psychological processes is virtually impossible.
The incidence of blindness as a complication of diabetes increases with aging.
He and his colleagues asked whether any genetic markers could indicate the extent of aging in different tissues and among different organisms.
They explore research within the social sciences from two separate areas, social identity and aging across the life cycle.