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free agent

1. A professional, especially an athlete, who is able to enter a contract with any organization without restrictions. The star quarterback will be a free agent when his contract ends after the season, and everyone expects him to sign with whatever team offers the most money.
2. By extension, a person who has no limitations placed on him or her by others, either professionally or socially. I just broke up with my girlfriend, so I'm a free agent again!
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a free agent

someone whose actions are not limited or controlled by anyone else Once the divorce has come through you'll be a free agent again.
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free agent

1. A person not under compulsion or constraint, not responsible to any authority for his or her actions. For example, After he quit his job, he decided to pursue the same line of work as a free agent. Originally used to describe a person subject to the philosophic concept of free will (as opposed to determinism), this expression was first recorded in 1662. Later it was extended to mean "someone not under obligation to an authority."
2. A professional athlete who is free to sign a contract with any team. For example, After he was released from the Yankees, he was a free agent and could shop around for the team that offered the most money . [Second half of 1900s]
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References in classic literature ?
How to compete with the Western Union, which had this superior transmitter, a host of agents, a network of wires, forty millions of capital, and a first claim upon all newspapers, hotels, railroads, and rights of way--that was the immediate problem that confronted the new General Manager.
The Wekley farm wull soon be for sale, so the agents be tellun' me," his wife remarked, slyly watching what effect her announcement would have upon him.
The agent had already been favored with her instructions to pay the strictest attention to any commands received from Sir Patrick Lundie.
I wish, likewise, with all my heart, that Homer could have known the rule prescribed by Horace, to introduce supernatural agents as seldom as possible.
The only supernatural agents which can in any manner be allowed to us moderns, are ghosts; but of these I would advise an author to be extremely sparing.
They made the clothes, but they shiver in rags and ask you, the lawyer, or business agent who handles your money, for a job.
It was in her handwriting that most of the old gentleman's former acquaintances were informed that he had become an agent for the Black Diamond and Anti-Cinder Coal Company and could supply his friends and the public with the best coals at --s.
The bills which Jos had given for the purchase of those unlucky horses were paid without question by him and his agents.
The fact of my communication he would necessarily discover, when I gave the address to his agent in the morning.
Affair of agent and sealed letter from seven to eight.
I had had confidential agents trickling through the country some time, whose office was to undermine knighthood by imperceptible degrees, and to gnaw a little at this and that and the other superstition, and so prepare the way gradually for a better order of things.
While the inaugural address was being delivered from this place, devoted altogether to saving the Union without war, insurgent agents were in the city seeking to destroy it without war-- seeking to dissolve the Union, and divide effects, by negotiation.
By Character I mean that in virtue of which we ascribe certain qualities to the agents.
Thus Tragedy is the imitation of an action, and of the agents mainly with a view to the action.
Between this British company and the French merchants of Canada, feuds and contests arose about alleged infringements of territorial limits, and acts of violence and bloodshed occurred between their agents.