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hidden agenda

A secret goal or an ulterior motive. I didn't trust Julie when she started being really nice to me out of the blue. It felt like she had a hidden agenda. I'm starting to wonder if the boss has a hidden agenda because he promised me the job but now he won't return my calls.
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at the top of (the/one's) agenda

Prioritized as the most important thing to discuss or address. Yes, the new dress code is at the top of my agenda to discuss with the principal. What do you think is at the top of the agenda for today's meeting?
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(a) hidden agenda

Fig. a secret plan; a concealed plan; a plan disguised as a plan with another purpose. I am sure that the chairman has a hidden agenda. I never did trust him anyway.
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at the top of the/somebody's agenda

  also high on the/somebody's agenda
if a subject or plan is at the top of someone's agenda, it is the most important thing they want to discuss or deal with The government has put education at the top of its agenda. When the schoolteachers meet, classroom violence will be high on the agenda. (= one of the most important subjects to discuss)
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on the/somebody's agenda

if a subject, plan, or activity is on the agenda, people are willing to talk about it, or to try to make it happen He made it clear that strike action was not on the agenda
See a hidden agenda, set the agenda
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a hidden agenda

a reason for doing something that you are hiding by pretending that you have a different reason He stressed that the review was to identify staffing needs and there was no hidden agenda to cut jobs.
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set the agenda

to decide what subjects other people should discuss and deal with, often in a way which shows that you have more authority than them Opposition parties have managed to set the agenda during this election by emphasizing the public's fear of crime.
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As to why an electoral law was excluded from the agenda, he said: "An electoral draft law was not included on the agenda of the legislative session because there is a large number of draft laws in this respect, while there is no consensus on a specific draft law.
In his opening address to the Assembly, which also marks the Organization's 70th anniversary, the UN chief hailed the new framework as an agenda for shared prosperity, peace and partnership.
Check on the times you had for each agenda item and whether the meeting objective was accomplished.
In its declaration, the agenda sets out for Heads of State and Government to "resolve, between now and 2030, to end poverty and hunger everywhere.
For the first time, AGM Agenda creates a level playing field among investor classes by allowing individuals access to the same level of information and analysis that institutional investors use to identify contentious votes," says Mr Carrasco.
The Spokesperson also said the moderators and some participants sought to continue the discussion to set the agenda by discussing the draft agenda set by the working team that included the mechanisms for running the sessions and implementing the Dialogue outcomes on which consensus is reached.
15 about the board members relationship with each other and how agendas are set after the matter was removed by Chairman Kenneth Sydow prior to the Oct.
The Agenda Trade Show is a forum for the most inspired in the street wear and action sports industries to unite.
Attaullah Ludin, an MP from eastern Nangarhar province, rejected Stanikzai's claim that the agenda of the London conference was being shared with the national assembly.
The conservative newspaper also reported on a poll commissioned by the Family Research Council (FRC) that showed 63 percent of "values voters" believed that Congress "has not kept their promises to act on a pro-family agenda.
Perhaps using these is the best way for the laity and progressive religious to put forth an agenda for the church of the here and now and the immediate future.
Arnold Schwarzenegger to craft a compromise on his special-election agenda that both sides can live with.
government has some specific ideas on how APEC can support progress in the Doha Development Agenda.
The Democracy Agenda offers solutions to help overcome persistent weaknesses and educate communities and citizens nationwide on how to improve things.
Indeed, the waiver programs turned out to be an effective way of promoting a partisan policy agenda in the face of Congressional intransigence.