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when the dust has settled

When things have become more calm or stable; when the consequences (of something) have become known or manageable. I know things have been really hectic during this project, so let's all take a bit of a break and return to it when the dust settles a bit. Lots of people opposed the gay marriage legislation, but when the dust has settled, I hope they'll see that there was no reason to be afraid of it.
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*after someone or something

1. Lit. following someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; Come ~.) Tom comes after Mary in the line.
2. Fig. in pursuit of someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; chase ~; run ~.) The dog is after a rabbit.


/in a fashion
In some way or other, especially to a limited extent: She sings after a fashion.
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Meanwhile, hordes of seismologists descended on the area, excited to be part of such a rare geological event and hoping to experience some of the expected afters hocks for themselves.
She said: "We were inspired to launch the shop after buying some furniture for our own home, and it's the best move we have ever made.
805 seconds ahead of his team-mate Kagayama who, still struggling with his shoulder injury sustained at the opening round in Qatar, will line up alongside Neukirchner afters setting a superpole lap time just 0.
Christmas, to me, is my mother dusting off her gravy boats, eating dinner from a table covered in a plastic cloth emblazoned with poinsettia, afters, which we never normally have, and telly.
After 17 years together they shall be making that formal commitment today on the 17th at Botanical Gardens and will be celebrating all weekend
Pudding If saying no to dessert is sending you off your trolley, try Philosophy's mouth-watering Cookbook goodies (pounds 27 for set) for afters.
0 followed shortly after 6am,and another hit at about 8am.
But seconds later they fled in terror as it lunged at their boat and tried to have them for afters.
Subway City will be opening its doors, offering a fine selection of guest DJs for Lifted & Afters until the early hours.
AFTER a hugely successful New Year's bash the Full Moon Party returns to the Olympia for a Valentine's ball on February 14 (whenelse?
A YOUNG father who was obsessively jealous of his partner was jailed for life yesterday after admitting murdering her and their baby daughter.
A hearing in the Dutch Court of Appeal on January 26 will decide whether he will face charges after a 20-year-old girl was allegedly gang-raped in his flat.
But to be fair he was spot on because for a day or two after it becomes a bit of a circus.
The British Red Cross hopes to raise millions of pounds to help up to 200,000 people left homeless after the Boxing Day disaster.
What they say: A clear, cooling non -sticky fragranced gel, containing community traded Cammomile oil and organic Cammomile water which helps to sooth skin after the razor has done it's worst.