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fore and aft

1. At the front and back of something. This phrase is nautical in origin, referring to the bow (located at the front) and the stern (located at the back) of a ship. We need to change the locks fore and aft, I'm afraid.
2. Everywhere; all over. There are people fore and aft—I'll never be able to find you!
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best-laid plans of mice and men oft(en) go astray,

 and best-laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft a-gley.
Prov. Things often go wrong even though you have carefully planned what you are going to do. (The gang aft a-gley version is Scots dialect, and comes from Robert Burns' poem "To a Mouse.") Jill: I reserved a hotel room for us three weeks ago, but now the clerk says he has no record of our reservation. So much for our fun weekend in the city. Jane: Well, these things happen. The best-laid plans of mice and men oft go astray. I had all the arrangements made for my party, and then the guest of honor got sick and I had to call the whole thing off. The best-laid schemes of mice and men gang aft a-gley. If a little rain can ruin the best-laid plans of mice and men, think what an earthquake might do!
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fore and aft

at the front and the back, usually of a boat or ship. They had to attach new lights fore and aft because the old ones were not bright enough to meet the new regulations. The captain ordered a watch stationed fore and aft.
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fore and aft

Both front and back, everywhere, as in The children clung to the teacher fore and aft. This expression is nautical terminology for the bow, or front, and the stern, or back, of a vessel. Today it is also used more broadly. [First half of 1600s]
See also: aft, and, fore
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Former AFT president Al Shanker, who died last year, used his weekly syndicated "Where We Stand" for many years to take thoughtful positions on some of the toughest issues facing public schools.
Engineers will next lift the entire aft booster assembly to check for interferences as it is moved to a pallet and then back onto the work platform.
Aftlarin cinsi soruldugunda ogrencilerin 75'i (%84,3) minor aft, 8'i (%9) major aft, ve 6 ogrenci (%6,7) herpetiform afti oldugunu belirtmistir.
The people the AFT and NEA represent have the same needs and the same goals.
Albert Shanker, the AFT president, has the flexibility to take bolder positions than the NEA's leadership in part because he is an autocrat, but there are still issues he has held back on.
Six heavy stainless steel bollards at forward & aft corners & midship sides
When the AFT was set up, the then law minister Veerappa Moily had called it the ' Magna Carta of Indian military history'.
The aft right wheel stays in the trailing position (with the brake and brake disk facing inboard) and the tow bar attached to it.
The AFT has been in the lead on standards reform," says Jaime Zapata, a spokesman for the AFT.
At the same time, Shanker transformed the AFT, Education Week marveled, "into a labor union that often acts like a think tank.
While holding, the loadmaster and flight engineer visually inspected the landing gear and confirmed that the forward right main gear was in the down and locked position while the aft right main gear had partially retracted.
In the 1970s, an early attempt to unify NEA and AFT did not succeed.