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fall (a)foul

To become disliked or to come in conflict with due to one's actions, often resulting in further trouble or conflict. Used in the phrase "fall (a)foul of (someone or something)." Since you're new here, be careful not to fall afoul of Bill—he'll keep you off of every case if he's mad at you. I fell foul of the committee, and now, I'm not sure how to improve my reputation.
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fall afoul of somebody/something

See: run afoul of somebody/something
See also: afoul, fall, of

run afoul of somebody/something

(slightly formal)
to act in a way not allowed by rules or the law fall afoul of somebody/something Rodman ran afoul of the team's rules and was kept out of the next game. He ran afoul of his supervisor, who complained to the mayor about his work.
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run afoul of

Also, run foul of. Come into conflict with, as in If you keep parking illegally you'll run afoul of the police. This expression originated in the late 1600s, when it was applied to a vessel colliding or becoming entangled with another vessel, but at the same time it was transferred to non-nautical usage. Both senses remain current.
See also: afoul, of, run
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Fortunately for the consumer, the deal ran afoul of federal antitrust laws and Microsoft was forced to compete with Intuit rather than gobble it whole.
That attitude sometimes ran him afoul of direct action groups like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).
Because of the real danger of running afoul of the IRS, potential donors are being scared away.
The group added that the bill runs afoul of church-state separation because it relies on one particular religious doctrine in declaring that life begins at the moment of fertilization.
Turnbo (Toles-Bey), a motor- mouthed hustler, makes a point of knowing everybody's business, which runs him afoul of Youngblood and vice versa.
Instead, he runs afoul of a corrupt cop, a boys' home, and a bully, but he makes friends with another orphan.
Software developers would have to prove to wary investors and the courts that their applications don't fall afoul of copyright's secondary liability rule.
Where they ran afoul of the law was in remodeling their home and subsequently offering rooms for rent.
Yet Green Day have fallen afoul of corporate media with their hit single "American Idiot," with certain stations censoring the couplet "Maybe I am the faggot America / I'm not a part of a redneck agenda.
According to Martin, "any group that falls afoul of Beijing can easily be quashed under Hong Kong's new law.
He is the Toronto print shop owner who ran afoul of the Ontario Human Rights Commission for refusing to print materials for the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives.
corporations falling afoul of European Commission rules, with the failed General Electric Co.
In the past such voucher programs have run afoul of the constitutional "proscription" that they would violate the separation of church and state.