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with malice aforethought

Intentionally and malevolently; not innocently or by accident. The phrase is usually used humorously to mimic legal language. Don't give me that innocent look. You ate the last piece of pie with malice aforethought!
See also: aforethought, malice

malice aforethought

the intention to kill or harm which is held to distinguish unlawful killing from murder.
See also: aforethought, malice

with ˌmalice aˈforethought

(law) with the deliberate intention of committing a crime or harming somebody: Suddenly Guy, more by way of a nervous twitch than with malice aforethought, pulled the trigger.
See also: aforethought, malice
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I take as my texts almost at random two crime novels, the first published in 1931, Malice Aforethought, by Francis lies (the pseudonym of Anthony Berkeley Cox), and the second published in 1990, Hide and Seek, by Ian Rankin.
In English law, for example, the nineteenth-century category of "grievous bodily harm interpreted today to mean no more than "serious harm:' Similarly, the "guilty mind" required for the crime of murder is still expressed in the archaic, morally thick, form "malice aforethought," but this only means an intention to kill or cause serious harm.
Such protests holding the media accountable for their shortcomings, be they unintentional or with malice aforethought, is a crucial first step in reversing the bitter trend of the commercialization of the media and their most important product, news.
McDonald, did wilfully, deliberately and of malice aforethought kill or murder Mrs.
Safety considerations typically relate to errors in operations, judgment, or design of the transportation system, with no malice aforethought.
While it acts out a man who with malice aforethought stabs another man to death, it can be said to represent a murder.
In Cobb, for example, the police had no way of knowing whether the prosecutor would charge felony murder or murder with malice aforethought.
But, through no malice aforethought, he's using the same terms that we use.
Her acting career included roles in Angela's Ashes, Malice Aforethought and Byzantium and she also toured one-woman shows.
Every act of violence on both sides is executed with chilling and considered aforethought.
Their malice aforethought risks enkindling Syria's pyre, fuel for the smouldering inferno whether or not they press the trigger.
Miller has acted in films including The Parole Officer, Birthday Girl, Johnny English and The Prince and Me, and has also starred in small-screen offerings Marple, Malice Aforethought, The Book Group, The Worst Week of My life, Moving Wallpaper and Primeval.
In the instant case, the grand jury was presented with reasonably trustworthy information sufficient to warrant a prudent person in believing that Samia, either alone or with others, knowingly participated in the murder of Harkins with deliberate premeditation and malice aforethought," Judge Kenton-Walker found.
LORD McAlpine has done us a huge favour by going after those who think they can tweet anything with malice and absolutely no aforethought.
Sirhan went on to testify that he had killed Kennedy "with 20 years of malice aforethought," and was convicted and sentenced to death, which was eventually reduced to life in prison in 1972.