affinity for

affinity for someone or something

a strong preference for something; a strong liking for something. Mary's affinity for classical music accounts for her large collection of recordings.
References in classic literature ?
I had shared the conscience of Macbeth, the passion of Othello, the doubt of Hamlet; many times, in my natural affinity for villains, I had mocked and suffered with Richard III.
Two, and even three days, have frequently been wasted in futile attempts to procure a sufficiency of hydrogen to fill a balloon, from which it had great tendency to escape, owing to its extreme subtlety, and its affinity for the surrounding atmosphere.
For the rat, mark you, being a foul-living creature, hath a natural drawing or affinity for all foul things, so that the noxious humors pass from the man into the unclean beast.
Eighty-two percent of those with high affinity for a site believe that the site carries advertisements for high-quality products and services, while only 36% of low-affinity users believe so.