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Becoming disabled brings on a multitude of new experiences for most people, and applying for Social Security benefits is a challenging one to face," says Brett Albren, President of The Advocator Group.
In 2011, he joined The Advocator Group as the SSDI National Practice Leader.
Judges described the head teacher as a passionate advocator for young people, who deals with staff "fairly, humanely, robustly and always with their best interests at heart".
O'Quinn [was] not a member of the NAACP nor an advocator of its program.
Terry is a known strong advocator of raising industry standards.
In a world where fundamentalism is a fanatical advocator of violence; where new fundamentalists make "preventive wars" under the pretext of peace; in a world where old fundamentalists (those who took 500 years to "forgive" Galileo) want to put an end to the separation of Church and State, CELEBRATING IS NOT ENOUGH.
The Japanese people expect the prime minister, a staunch advocator of reforms, to take a leadership stance.
With over 10 years of pioneering efforts in research and development, we continue to be a strong advocator in delivering the best connectivity experience to our customers,” he added
However, as a strong advocator of Ada as a rich and reliable programming language I believe that the napping from UML is a challenge worth embracing.
IEs' roles progress over time from frontline task as advocator to tactical functions as boundary spanner to strategic involvement as analyst.
Today, The Advocator Group announced that its free mobile app, Disability Answers[TM], has reached its first milestone, with over 1,000 downloads to date.
The Consulate General disclosed that it has appointed an advocator in Los Angeles in coordination with the family of the defunct to follow up the case together with the prosecutor general in charge of the case.