take under advisement

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take something under advisement

to hear an idea and think about it carefully. It's a good idea, but I'll have to take it under advisement. The suggestion was taken under advisement, and a reply was not expected for at least a month.
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Ali argues that, although the court provided a general advisement, it did not provide a specific advisement as the effect the plea would have on his right to seek relief from removal, including cancellation or asylum.
As a result of this commitment, the Will Rogers Advisement Program (WRAP) was born.
What is the impact of substituting didactic instruction, face-to-face advisement, and pen and paper evaluations with web-based content, electronic information and inquiry, and online assessment?
Specifically, it was hypothesized that a game in which the content and the advisement were endogenous to the fantasy of the game would lead to improved attitude toward mathematics.
She suggests IHEs consider giving credit for independent study hours, informat advisement and research time.
We have a, an alternate day block schedule and we, we've dedicated one block in that schedule and that is advisement every other day.
Students with a low hypermedia preference level benefited significantly from the presence of learner control with advisement.
While such factors have either been examined in clusters (or independently) in other studies, they have not been investigated in the light of whether they relate to each other to underscore the importance of such relationships to student overall success, particularly in the sense of student advisement.
The Scholarship Advisement Program continues to receive testimonies of students leaving inspired to work harder, dream bigger, and achieve even greater things.
SkyBridge Capital is a global alternative investment firm with approximately $13 billion in assets under management and advisement as of February 28, 2015.
The Conservation Commission took all of the information and comment under advisement.
Prior to joining Clark College, Long served on the faculty at California State University, Dominguez Hills, as director of the university Advisement Center, director of the first year experience program, academic ombudsman, and instructor for freshmen college success courses.
The task force also called for overhauling the university's advisement system.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Aspiriant, the leading independent wealth management firm with more than $7 billion in assets under management and advisement, has been named the "Best Private Wealth Manager" for client service by Private Asset Management, a publication which serves the wealth management industry.
5 billion in assets under management and advisement, today announced it has opened an office in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.