take under advisement

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take something under advisement

to hear an idea and think about it carefully. It's a good idea, but I'll have to take it under advisement. The suggestion was taken under advisement, and a reply was not expected for at least a month.
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As of November 30, 2017, JFG had over USD 700 million in assets under management or under advisement.
As a result of this commitment, the Will Rogers Advisement Program (WRAP) was born.
Traditional teaching was more stable across the semester while online teaching fluctuated greatly during periods of advisement and assessment.
She suggests IHEs consider giving credit for independent study hours, informat advisement and research time.
Effective major advisement is important because students who are clear about the match between their needs and the institution's offerings (majors) and resources are (a) more likely to enroll, (b) less likely to take classes that don't contribute toward graduation, (c) more likely to enjoy college, and (d) more apt to persist to graduation (Walz, 1984; Novak & Weiss, 1988).
Eighty-one undergraduates at National Taiwan Normal University were randomly assigned to a learner-controlled treatment, with or without advisement.
In the present study, emphasis was placed on the value of relationships of the variables presented, concerning the strength of their relationships in explaining student success during student advisement.
The doctoral advisement relationship lends itself both to the potential for mentoring and to empirical study.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Aspiriant, the leading independent wealth management firm with more than $7 billion in assets under management and advisement, has been named the "Best Private Wealth Manager" for client service by Private Asset Management, a publication which serves the wealth management industry.
The department, yesterday, broke - by two students - its previous record-breaking pre-semester undergraduate advisement numbers from last year.
PAAMCO Prisma is now one of the largest firms in the liquid alternatives industry, with more than USD 30bn of assets under management or advisement.
Tenders are invited for Advisement and Degree Audit System
1bn in September 2013 related to the low fee sovereign mandate that has been reclassified as Assets Under Advisement.
Royce Engler, chairman, said there will be no other deliberations in the interval, but the governing panel, which also consists of Ben Ostrowski and Gary Zane, will take under advisement and study comments presented by advocates and opponents of the project.