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advance notice

A notification, signal, or sign that something is going to happen or is expected to happen. I know that we were all surprised that Dad decided to move to China, but I think his learning Mandarin last year was something of an advance notice.
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make advances at (someone)

To approach someone in a flirtatious, amorous, or sexual manner; to try or begin to seduce someone. Terry was fired after he began making advances at his secretary. I really wish I could go out to a bar or a club without a half dozen men making advances at me.
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advance (up)on

To move forward or maneuver toward a location or goal, such as in a military offensive or a similarly coordinated march or effort. The army advanced upon the enemy capital. After gathering at city hall, the protesters advanced on the senator's office.
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advance (something) to

To pay money ahead of schedule. Maria's boss advanced next week's paycheck to her so that she could pay her car repair bill.
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advance toward

To move forward or maneuver toward a location or goal The army advanced toward the enemy capital. I crossed the street to avoid the strange man advancing toward me.
See also: advance, toward

in advance

Prior to something else, such as the start of something, a deadline, or the occurrence of an event. Unfortunately you'll have to submit the piece in order to get paid. We never pay in advance. I like to check out the route in advance so I don't run into any surprises when I'm driving to my interview.
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advance something to someone or something (against something)

to make an early payment of a sum of money promised or owed to a person or organization. We advanced the money to Tom against his next month's salary.
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advance to(ward) someone or something

to move forward in the direction of someone or something. The line of people slowly advanced to the door of the theater.
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advance (up)on someone or something

to move toward someone or something. (Typically in military maneuvers or in team sports, such as American football. Upon is more formal and less commonly used than on.) They advanced upon the town, firing their rifles and shouting.
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in advance

[of something given, paid, or provided] before it is due. The bill isn't due for a month, but I paid it in advance. I want my pay in advance.
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make advances to someone

 and make advances at someone
to flirt with someone; to begin to seduce someone. She began making advances to me, and I left the room. Mary made advances at every male she encountered.
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pay in advance

to pay (for something) before it is received or delivered. I want to make a special order. Will I have to pay in advance? Yes, please pay in advance.
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with advance notice

 and on advance notice
with some kind of notification or indication that something is going to happen or is expected before it actually happens. We are happy to provide special meals for anyone with advance notice.
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in advance

1. Beforehand, ahead of time. For example, He insisted on being paid half his fee in advance.
2. in advance of. In front of, as in The point man moved in advance of the squad. [Mid-1600s]
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make advances

1. Attempt to make someone's acquaintance or make overtures, as in The ambassador knew that the ministers would soon make advances to him. [Late 1600s]
2. Approach amorously or sexually, as in His wife accused him of making advances to the nanny. [c. 1700] Also see make a pass at.
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any advance on —?

any higher bid than —?
This phrase is said by an auctioneer to elicit a higher bid, and so is used figuratively as a query about general progress in a particular matter.
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in adˈvance (of something)

before the time that is expected; before something happens: a week/month/year in advanceIt’s cheaper if you book the tickets in advance.People were evacuated from the coastal regions in advance of the hurricane. OPPOSITE: in the wake of somebody/something
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be ahead of/before/in advance of your ˈtime

have ideas or invent things before people are ready to accept them: He was sure that it was possible to fly to the moon, but he was ahead of his time and people laughed at him.She was a feminist before her time. OPPOSITE: be behind the times
See also: advance, ahead, before, of, time

advance on

or advance upon
To move increasingly closer to someone or something: On the last lap of the race, I looked back and saw the other runners advancing on me. The army advanced upon the enemy's position.
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Thanks in advance

and TIA
phr. & comp. abb. an expression of gratitude given in advance of the hoped-for receipt of an answer to a question. I hope you can help me. TIA. Bob.
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in advance

Ahead of time; beforehand.
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in advance of

In front of; ahead of.
See also: advance, of
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In particular, advance payments for non-services (and often, for combinations of services and non-services) do not qualify for deferral .
456 election is in effect); or (8) any combination of these items when a payment is received in advance of services or goods provided.
Advance EITC payments are based on the total income workers expect their families to earn in a year.
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