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adore (one) for

To admire or love one for a certain trait or ability. I adore Jean for her studiousness—she is the hardest worker I've ever met. She adores him for his muscular build and thick head of hair.
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adore someone for doing something

to be in awe of someone for doing something well. Everyone adores Sally for her wonderful sense of humor.
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adore someone for having something

to be in awe of someone because of a particular trait or feature. Robert adores Mary for her smiling eyes.
See also: adore, have
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Posh Spice shared a picture on Twitter of her looking adoringly at David, with the message: "So proud to share such a great evening with my wonderful husband x vb #MetGala #CharlesJames.
On her first day, she posted a photo of herself being looked at adoringly by Harley.
The Hollywood legend beams with pride as she gazes adoringly at tiny Michael Jr, her first child.
Neville Walker is pictured in a family snap cuddling his baby daughter Megan, who is now two years old, and gazing at her adoringly.
Politicians' wives are trained to look on adoringly when their husbands speak.
Al Pacino's tough talking businessman refers to him adoringly as "The Marlboro man
LOOK OF LOVE: Sienna is all smiles as she clasps Jude's hands and gazes adoringly into his eyes at the Savoy Hotel in London; WWW.
What happened in London last week is far too important to waste time gazing adoringly at the man who took Britain into an illegal war, according to the Secretary General of the UN.
Because couples who gaze adoringly into each other's eyes, or families who skip through the surf as they do on the adverts, are in for an unpleasant surprise.
Soon after we got him we were driving down to London, sun shining outside, Jungle Book blaring out on the stereo, Brooklyn gazing adoringly at Simba and Simba gazing adoringly at Brooklyn.
PTODAY'S teenage tennis fans may swoon over American Andre Agassi's brown eyes or gaze adoringly at the towering frame of Australian Mark Philippoussis.
She's the man," says one young boy adoringly, as Grandmama drives to her favorite neighborhood gym.
Gazing adoringly at each other and revelling in their time alone, they seemed smitten and, since their arrival in the UK earlier this month, more in love than ever.
The movie legend, 47, looked on adoringly as his three-year-old perched on his knee and tucked into a sticky chocolate cake with her fingers.
The camera lingers adoringly on Knightley and Ramirez (she strips to her undies to perform a lap dance, he strips to his posing pouch for an equally gratuitous Nick Kamen moment in a laundrette).