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admit defeat

To yield to the opposition or accept that one is wrong in some pursuit. Well, I ran a good campaign, but it is time I admitted defeat in this election.
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admit (someone/something) into

1. To allow something to be used as evidence in a trial. The prosecuting attorney tried to admit new documents into evidence.
2. To allow one membership or entry. That university only admits the best applicants into its law program. Luckily, a worker admitted us into the store, even though it was about to close.
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admit (one) to

1. To permit one to enter. This ticket will admit you to the art exhibit. We were admitted to the club after we showed the security guard our identification.
2. To confess or acknowledge a personal wrongdoing. When used in this way, there is no noun or pronoun between "admit" and "to." "To" can be followed by either the misdeed or the recipient of the confession. Beth finally admitted to cheating on the test. Ryan would not admit to his parents that he had damaged their car.
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admit someone (in)to (some place)

to allow someone to enter some place. They refused to admit us into the theater.
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admit something into something

to allow something to be introduced into something else. You cannot admit this document into the body of evidence!
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admit something to someone

to confess something to someone. Harry admitted his error to his uncle.
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admit to something

to acknowledge or confess something; to acknowledge or confess to having done something. Max would not admit to anything.
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I don’t mind adˈmitting, ˈtelling you..., etc.

used to emphasize what you are saying, especially when you are talking about something that may be embarrassing for you: I was scared, I don’t mind telling you!
See also: mind, telling

admit into

To allow someone or something to enter or be a part of something: This school does not admit students into a degree program without a high school diploma. The judge admitted the documents into evidence. We were admitted into the theater even though we were very late.
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admit of

To allow the possibility of something: This problem admits of two very different solutions.
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admit to

1. To confess something to someone: I didn't want to admit my crimes to them. At first they lied, but later they admitted to the police that they had stolen the bicycle.
2. To confess something: He will never admit to feeling jealous. She admitted to her lies.
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CASES heard at Coventry Magistrates Court on Friday, July 31, included: Lukasz Jamrozy, 30, of Telfer Road, Radford, admitted drink-driving (Breath 52.
Fletcher, of Downall Green Road, Ashton, had previously denied all the charges but at a pre-trial hearing he changed his pleas and also admitted a total of six offences of being concerned in the supply of controlled drugs.
Shane Hay, 23, of Harris Avenue in Cardiff, admitted stealing.
In fact, all nine students from Calvary who applied to UC this year were accepted for admission, and well over 75 percent of applicants have been admitted over the last four years.
In tense exchanges, Moret admitted she was wrong in six of the seven cases.
As of year-end 2004, AIG Life Group's admitted assets were approximately $327 billion, up about 17.
All non-healthcare workers with probable or suspected SARS, according to the WHO case definition (3), exposed at and admitted to hospital X with symptom onset from April 17, 2003, to June 8, 2003, were included in this retrospective cohort investigation.
In this way, a school can lock in its fair share of the market, even if some of those ED admits have lower numbers or would have been more likely to have been admitted anyway, due to legacy or athletic recruit status.
We identified all patients who had either planned or unplanned admissions, and we compared the latter with an age-matched control group consisting of patients who were not admitted.
But some will want to question his listing of an apology from Tony Blair for Britain's role in the Irish famine of the 1840s, because the Prime Minister only admitted to the Irish his sense of regret.
Indeed, if the African American female is admitted in preference to the white male, the burden of proof could fall on the admissions officer to show that race was not factor in the decision.
Although CPAs are not admitted to practice, they can prepare a Tax Court petition in order to preserve a client's rights to a redetermination, provided that the Tax Court (rather than the district court or Court of Federal Claims) is the appropriate forum.
5%) administrators who had admitted deinstitutionalized elders reported having experienced severe problems with them.
Dartmouth this year admitted 57 percent of its legacy applicants, compared to 27 percent of nonlegacies.
Technology is one of the greatest DWD culprits for Gen Y - 37 percent of this age group admitted to texting or IM-ing while driving, as compared to 17 percent of Gen X and 2 percent of Baby Boomers.