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admit defeat

To yield to the opposition or accept that one is wrong in some pursuit. Well, I ran a good campaign, but it is time I admitted defeat in this election.
See also: admit, defeat

admit (someone/something) into

1. To allow something to be used as evidence in a trial. The prosecuting attorney tried to admit new documents into evidence.
2. To allow one membership or entry. That university only admits the best applicants into its law program. Luckily, a worker admitted us into the store, even though it was about to close.
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admit (one) to

1. To permit one to enter. This ticket will admit you to the art exhibit. We were admitted to the club after we showed the security guard our identification.
2. To confess or acknowledge a personal wrongdoing. When used in this way, there is no noun or pronoun between "admit" and "to." "To" can be followed by either the misdeed or the recipient of the confession. Beth finally admitted to cheating on the test. Ryan would not admit to his parents that he had damaged their car.
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admit someone (in)to (some place)

to allow someone to enter some place. They refused to admit us into the theater.
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admit something into something

to allow something to be introduced into something else. You cannot admit this document into the body of evidence!
See also: admit

admit something to someone

to confess something to someone. Harry admitted his error to his uncle.
See also: admit

admit to something

to acknowledge or confess something; to acknowledge or confess to having done something. Max would not admit to anything.
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admit into

To allow someone or something to enter or be a part of something: This school does not admit students into a degree program without a high school diploma. The judge admitted the documents into evidence. We were admitted into the theater even though we were very late.
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admit of

To allow the possibility of something: This problem admits of two very different solutions.
See also: admit, of

admit to

1. To confess something to someone: I didn't want to admit my crimes to them. At first they lied, but later they admitted to the police that they had stolen the bicycle.
2. To confess something: He will never admit to feeling jealous. She admitted to her lies.
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We all know the first step to overcoming a problem is to admit there is a problem.
19), Dallas Superintendent Mike Moses admits his district is starting to confront its own dropout problem.
While many employees admit to taking the occasional paper clip, notepad or stapler, only 3% say they have pilfered more extravagant items from the workplace.
One can argue that it's an accident, but it sure doesn't look like an accident," admits Yale Dean of Admissions Worth David.
Ignoring, for the moment, the question of how "needs-blind" a system is that admits one-fifth of each class on the assumption that, hey, their parents might give us money, Fitzsimmons's defense doesn't quite ring true.
There is no auction or "wait and see" when selling tickets or buying tickets with Admit One.
Admit One authenticates the ticket and purchases the ticket from a seller.
The committee, which meets seven or eight times a year, reviews the applications and determines, with no regard to the applicant's athletic ability, whether UCLA should admit that student, according to associate athletic director Marc Dellins.
However, 73 percent talk on cell phones, only 16 percent drive at or below the speed limit, and 38 percent admit they have driven a certain distance without any recollection of doing so.
Going ZZZ mph: Nearly three out of four of participants admit to driving while less than alert.
Question 18: Do you admit or deny that on or about December 17, 1997, you suggested to Monica Lewinsky that the submission of an affidavit in the case of ``Jones v.
Spirent Communications(TM) and Admit Systems have signed a strategic partnership agreement to develop and promote an automated xDSL conformance and interoperability test solution.
In this way, a school can lock in its fair share of the market, even if some of those ED admits have lower numbers or would have been more likely to have been admitted anyway, due to legacy or athletic recruit status.
Indeed, Henderson himself admits on p102 that `President Menem was criticized for his expression of regret because it might be interpreted as an apology', although on p16 he has asserted, `the President of Argentina apologized to the British for the Falklands/Malvinas war'.
Treasury admits law students enrolled in tax clinic programs to practice before the IRS.