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adjust (oneself/something) to

1. Of a person, to become familiar or comfortable with something, often a change in one's life. I know you're not thrilled with this new schedule, but can you please try to adjust yourself to it?
2. Of a thing, to modify something to fit or work properly with something else. We had to adjust the office layout to create space for the new employees.
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adjust (oneself) to someone or something

to make changes in one's opinion or attitude toward someone or something, such as a change in one's life or environment. Can't you adjust yourself to your new office?
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adjust something to something

to make something fit something else; to alter something to make it suitable for something else. The builder adjusted the plans for the new house to the requirements of the fire marshal.
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adjust to

1. To alter something to make it fit, accommodate, or match something else: We adjusted the radio to the frequency of the radio transmission.
2. To get used to something or someone: It took many years for me to adjust to the cold winters in Vermont.
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Among Louisianas metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs), five out of eight seasonally adjusted areas posted job gains over-the-month and from August 2016.
It is treated as adjusted net capital gains and subject to the same favorable tax rates applicable to those gains.
We find smaller achievement gaps, in both the raw and the adjusted scores, for children born in the early 1990s than others had found for earlier birth cohorts.
If the taxpayer holds those shares for more than a year and does not dispose of them, they are transferred to the long-term category and take the average cost of the disposed-of shares as their adjusted basis.
The speed of all belts to follow is adjusted to match the speed of the innerliner (cascading control) by dancers or ultrasound scanning.
In a year in which an adjusted taxable loss occurs, ATI is deemed to be zero under Prop.
The NIPA revisions affect the estimates of the cyclically adjusted budget in three important ways.
Adjusted EBITDA for the period was $265 million, up 5% from the prior year, and the adjusted EBITDA margin was 35.
This was a decline over adjusted net profit of EUR121.
Nonfarm payroll employment was little changed in February, rising by a seasonally adjusted 21,000 jobs, the Bureau of Labor Statistics last week.
168(i)-4(b)(1) states that the depreciable basis in the change year is the lesser of the fair market value (FMV) or the adjusted depreciable basis at the time of conversion.
The CCD camera exposure time is adjusted to optimize the view of the laser line which will give the measurement profile.
In FRB/US, the opportunity cost of holding equity is proportional to the corporate bond rate adjusted for expected inflation.
Slower measured inflation would also show that the inflation adjusted tax burden has grown faster than previously estimated.
Tax rate brackets, standard deductions, personal exemptions and several other amounts are adjusted annually for cost-of-living increases.
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