adjust to

adjust (oneself/something) to

1. Of a person, to become familiar or comfortable with something, often a change in one's life. I know you're not thrilled with this new schedule, but can you please try to adjust yourself to it?
2. Of a thing, to modify something to fit or work properly with something else. We had to adjust the office layout to create space for the new employees.
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adjust (oneself) to someone or something

to make changes in one's opinion or attitude toward someone or something, such as a change in one's life or environment. Can't you adjust yourself to your new office?
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adjust something to something

to make something fit something else; to alter something to make it suitable for something else. The builder adjusted the plans for the new house to the requirements of the fire marshal.
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adjust to

1. To alter something to make it fit, accommodate, or match something else: We adjusted the radio to the frequency of the radio transmission.
2. To get used to something or someone: It took many years for me to adjust to the cold winters in Vermont.
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In the FRB/US model, the prices of most goods and services are "sticky," or slow to adjust to equilibrium.
Prices adjust to their equilibrium level at a rate estimated to be 25 percent per quarter.
It takes almost a year to adjust to a certain coach, but I was just adjusting and adjusting.
Because traveling can be challenging enough, we wanted to offer our guests a way to adjust and ease into the 'falling back' and the 'springing forward' of time and with clocks that automatically adjust to the time, that's one less worry for our guests, and they can enjoy those extra hours at the hotel to catch up on sleep, relax by the pool or enjoy a late breakfast.
Next, save the setting as your Manual or Custom option and the camera will adjust to that neutral hue.
Roger Schwed, General Counsel of Maxcor's parent company, explained: "We principally filed this suit to pursue those parties who are persisting in trying to grab a windfall by refusing to adjust to reflect what was intended by NTL and the Bankruptcy Court to be a neutral transaction with the same effect as a 1-for-4 reverse stock split.
There are steps people can take to help them adjust to the time change," said Terry Horsley, Executive Vice President of Mattress Gallery.
If you are a "lark" and tend to be wide awake and energetic in the morning and sleepy early in the evening, start a few days ahead; a gradual delay in bedtime and awakening a few days before the time change may help you adjust to the change.
The fact that the hearing aid can automatically adjust to compensate for changing background noise levels is a definite advantage for adults.