adjourn to

adjourn to (some place)

to bring a meeting to a temporary close so the participants can move to another place (where the meeting will be started again). We adjourned to the sitting room.
See also: adjourn
References in classic literature ?
But let us adjourn to my study, and examine these new stories.
But they'd adjourn to the woods some morning with them city folks, and hev it out with rifles at a hundred yards.
And since I have not yet had my coffee, and you have, in all probability, scarcely tasted yours, let us adjourn to the Casino Cafe, where we can sit and smoke and have a talk.
I'd adjourn to some other room, wherever you like to show me to.
He has not the conviction, but the sight, that the best is the true, and may in that thought easily dismiss all particular uncertainties and fears, and adjourn to the sure revelation of time the solution of his private riddles.