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adjourn for

To temporarily end a meeting or gathering with the intent of continuing it at a later time. Since we were getting hungry, we decided to adjourn for lunch.
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adjourn to

To suspend a meeting or gathering with the intent of continuing it in another location. There was a mishap in scheduling for the conference room, so we had to adjourn to the cramped office next door and finish our meeting there.
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adjourn for

a time to bring a meeting to a temporary close so the participants can take part in some other activity. We must adjourn for the day.
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adjourn to (some place)

to bring a meeting to a temporary close so the participants can move to another place (where the meeting will be started again). We adjourned to the sitting room.
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I therefore propose to adjourn the hearing until then.
But Brian Sheridan, defending, asked the bench to adjourn the proceedings for a second time, to allow a place at a Nuneaton bail hostel to become available for Teat.
Our judge then decided it was time, after four minutes of trial testimony, to adjourn the case until November 28th, the day after Thanksgiving.
MQM leaders were critical of the decision to adjourn the assembly session without ringing the warning bell stating that today was a private members day and they had several things to say.
ISLAMABAD -- Justice Saqib Nisar has remarked " court does not adjourn the cases deliberately but the hearing has to be adjourned some time due to some emergency or on the request of lawyers.
He requested SC to adjourn the hearing of the case due to engagement of defence counsels team in review petition.
KARACHI -- The powers of speaker and procedures to adjourn the session were debated on Friday but outside the Sindh Assembly session when Speaker Sindh Assembly Agha Siraj Durrani adjourned the session just ten minutes after it started.
Earlier, both Houses witnessed noisy interruptions, which forced the chair to adjourn till noon.
He pleaded the Supreme Court to adjourn the case's hearing.
Although the company does not know whether the necessary extensions will be received prior to June 30, 1994, the uncertainty of this situation caused the company to adjourn its 1994 Annual Meeting.
NYSE:TPP) today announced that its general partner, Texas Eastern Products Pipeline Company, LLC, has exercised its right to adjourn the special unitholder meeting that was convened Nov.
In the Lok Sabha, Speaker Meira Kumar managed to deliver an obituary notice before being forced to adjourn proceedings after some members moves towards the Well of the House with demands for maintaining a united Andhra Pradesh and not to go ahead with the formation of the state of Telangana.
Mayor Jo Anne Darcy will ask fellow council members tonight to either reaffirm or revise the city's meeting curfew, which orders council meetings to adjourn by 11:30 p.
Babar Awan said his statement was not intended to subject the court to ridicule, pleading the court to adjourn the case hearing as his counsel Ali Zafar is abroad.