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bid adieu to someone or something

Cliché to say good-bye to someone or something. (The word adieu is French for good-bye and should not be confused with ado.) Now it's time to bid adieu to all of you gathered here. He silently bid adieu to his favorite hat as the wind carried it down the street.
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bid adieu

Say goodbye, take leave of, as in It's beyond my bedtime, so I bid you all adieu, or I'll be glad to bid adieu to these crutches. French for "goodbye," adieu literally means "to God" and was part of à dieu vous commant, "I commend you to God." Adopted into English in the 1300s, it was first recorded in Chaucer's Troilus and Cressida (c. 1385). Today it is considered quite formal, although it also is used humorously.
See also: adieu, bid
References in classic literature ?
D'Artagnan embraced Athos, and only had time to bid him adieu.
He arose from the oaken bench on which he was seated in the chapel, and wished, as the priest had done, to go and bid a last adieu to the double grave which contained his two lost friends.
See, only, that I have not been base, and that I have come to bid thee this last adieu.
As the Hammersmith Semiramis spoke, she waved one hand, both by way of adieu, and to give Miss Sharp an opportunity of shaking one of the fingers of the hand which was left out for that purpose.
youths, but in these orbits How flicker shimmering god images of adieus.
So many of them were boring blowhards who insisted on talking down to children that I'd have welcomed their adieus before they even got started.
Stand by for hugs and tears from the racing community at an open-to-all party to be staged in the Hare and Hounds on Friday night, to say adieus to the Valley's "Brazilian Ambassadress".
I am sorry to be going but I am very excited to be going home,'' he said as he prepared to bid his adieus to his colleagues.