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address (one) as

1. To use someone's specific title in speech or writing. It is proper to address her as "Madam Secretary."
2. To treat someone in a certain way. Yes, I'm your friend, but I'm also your boss, so please address me as your superior during work hours.
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address (oneself) to

1. To speak to a specific person or group at the exclusion of others. Right now, I'm only addressing myself to the graduating seniors. I'll talk to the other grades tomorrow.
2. To focus on a certain problem or situation. I needed to address myself to the burst pipe in my basement—that's why I didn't attend the dinner party.
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address (something) to

1. To direct or express one's thoughts or opinions to a person or group. If you're trying to get donations for the school, address your speech to the parents, not the recent graduates. As these seem to be recurring issues, I need to address the complaints to my whole department.
2. To put the recipient's name and address on a package or envelope to be mailed. Penny addressed the package to her brother before taking it to the post office.
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address comments or remarks to someone

to say something directly to a specific person or group of persons. (See also address oneself to someone; address oneself to something.) George addressed his remarks to everyone.
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address oneself to someone

to speak directly to a particular person, rather than someone else. I did not address myself to you!
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address oneself to something

to turn one's complete attention to something, such as a problem or an issue. (See also address something to someone.) Please address yourself to these current, pressing problems.
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address someone as

 a specific title or attribute
1. to talk to or write to a person, using a particular title. They addressed Abraham Lincoln as "Mr. President."
2. to treat a person you are talking with in a particular manner. You should address him as your equal.
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address something to someone

to write someone's name and address on an envelope, package, letter, etc. Gilbert addressed the envelope to Walter.
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address to

1. To indicate that something is to be sent to someone or some place by writing an address on it: She addressed the letter to her brother.
2. To say something directly to some specific person or group: The school president addressed the speech to everyone who plans to graduate this year.
3. To focus someone on a problem in order to find a solution. Used reflexively: In the next meeting, the town officials will address themselves to the issue of privacy.
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However, because of the high volume of returns received during filing season, if a taxpayer provides new address information on a tax return received by the IRS after February 14 and before June 1, the return is considered properly processed on July 16.
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Guided by self-interests, an email address authorization scheme is claimed to be an essential element needed to curtail abuse and thus protect recipients.
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