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addict (one) to

To become, or cause someone else to become, dependent on a particular substance or thing. That first use of cocaine addicted me to it. So many people have addicted themselves to caffeine.
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addict someone to something

to cause someone to become habituated to something, usually alcohol or some another drug. The hospital personnel were thought to have addicted John to morphine. She ended up addicting herself to the substance.
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n. someone showing a strong preference for something or someone. (Not related to drug addiction.) Sam is a real opera addict. He just loves the stuff.
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There are a lot of misconceptions about people addicted to drugs," Housami said.
Folks who are addicted are involved in the majority of these bank robberies,'' he said.
He said: "The babies are born addicted to the same drugs - heroin, methadone and crack cocaine - which their mothers have taken during pregnancy.
My motives for making such a statement are frankly this, there is an undeniable link between addicted offenders and appalling levels of criminality, as heroin and crack cocaine addicts commit crime from burglary to robbery, to sometimes murder, to get the money to buy drugs to satisfy their addiction.
The people you profiled were addicted, and I hope they can find help.
AMSTERDAM -- Researchers at the University of Amsterdam suggest that it is much less costly to society to supply heroin to those who are addicted than to deal with them through the current systems of treatment and criminal prosecution.
In what organ did researchers find similarities between obese people and people addicted to drugs?
Beginning in 2000 with Addicted, which she self published on her own imprint, Strebor Books International, Zane's erotic novels have attracted swarms of readers and are dominating African American best-seller lists.
However, literature on work addiction asserts that work constitutes the drug of choice for some 30 percent of the population, for whom working is so vital to their emotional well-being that in fact, they have become addicted to it.
When Martin Booth tells us that anyone can be addicted to heroin, that it may take just one dose, and that it will certainly happen to you if you're foolish enough to repeat the experiment, he is drawing on a long tradition of anti-drug propaganda.
Wild's new documentary, FIX The Story of an Addicted City, to Anne McLellan, the new federal health minister, other cabinet ministers and policy-makers.
Many people are addicted to shopping or gambling and simply use the internet as a tool.
For those who are drug-dependent or addicted and cannot gain access to effective treatment, these laws dictate a life of crime and of degradation, deceit, and (for the poor) prostitution and drug trafficking to obtain the money needed to shop in a violent and expensive marketplace," writes Ernest Drucker in Public Health Reports.
Other portraits, such as those of addicted Hollywood stars, canny traffickers and daring enforcement agents play on more familiar images of celebrity debauchery and drug market violence.