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adapt (something) for

To change or adjust something for a new or different purpose. I heard that the studio is adapting that book for a movie. Have they adapted the building for wheelchair accessibility?
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adapt (something) from

To create one thing from another. The film was adapted from a famous novel.
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adapt (something) to

1. To become familiar or comfortable with something. When used in this way, the phrase does not take a noun or pronoun between "adapt" and "to." When Fran moved to China, she struggled to adapt to her new surroundings.
2. To modify or adjust something to fit or work properly with something else. Brian had to buy special cables so that he could adapt his old VCR his new TV.
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adapt someone or something

to something to cause someone or something to change, adjust to, or get used to something else. Can't you adapt yourself to my way of doing things?

adapt something for something

to change or alter something for use with something else. Has this furnace been adapted for natural gas?
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adapt something from something

to derive something from something else; to create by modifying something else. I adapted my new musical from a novel.
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adapt something to something

to convert something to fit or work with something else. We converted our furnace to natural gas.
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adapt to something

to adapt or get used to someone or something. Please try to adapt to our routine.
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adapt to

1. To alter something so that it is better suited to something else: The immigrants adapted their recipes to the ingredients that were available in their new country.
2. To change in order to be better suited to something: At first, I didn't like the new school, but I quickly adapted to the way things were done there and was soon very happy.
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Multiple insights were developed for an environment of change that included a need to accept, value, and adapt to new group members, that communication was a key element when adapting, that leadership was needed when working through change, and that change impacted on one's time.
But key to the company's success has been its ability to adapt, maintains Greenspan.
Your muscles and cardiovascular system adapt over days and weeks to the cumulative effects of repeated training.
Today, this preliminary design often is ignored as foundries accept what software vendors say as the gospel, never questioning the software's ability to adapt to their unique requirements.
Borders of monocultural, ethnocentric-based zones have disintegrated; international companies have been forced to adapt to customs and practices of local governments.
By contrast, the TAM concludes that the taxpayer's encapsulation expenses did not appreciably increase the value of the warehouse, did not substantially increase its useful life, and did not adapt the property to a new or different use.
Additionally, Adapt received a "Donny" award for maintaining an installed base of 186 clients across 30 states.
Adapt is a Gold Certified Partner to Microsoft and is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.
LEDiQ retained Adapt IP Ventures because of our experience in this market and we feel confident that we will find a buyer for this patent portfolio", stated Grant Moss, CEO of Adapt IP Ventures.
ADAPT wants the money to be used to support people in the community, rather than segregating them in a "gilded cage.
When we use the word this way, we are generally referring to the basic human abilities to understand a situation, no matter how big or small, how social or technical, evaluate the issues and options presented by the situation, and adapt to it appropriately as it changes, and as our perceptions of it change.
To meet these objectives, the new architecture should be modular so it can easily adapt to rapidly changing and growing storage environments and offer a completely intuitive interface that eliminates human errors and ensures the integrity of backup and restore processes.
adapt only if essential for participation, success, enjoyment, or to reduce failure and frustration.
Those rehab vendors that prepare their therapists to adapt to the new therapy delivery model will be of the most help to the SNFs they serve.
Engineering the melt shop facility to adapt a new ladle reheating technology requires specialized knowledge and experience.