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on a (subject or activity) kick

Experiencing a particularly intense and constant enthusiasm for some subject or activity. Jim's been on a real cycling kick ever since he bought that new bike. I'm on a bit of a politics kick at the moment, but I reckon it will die down once the election season is over.
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extracurricular activity

1. Literally, an activity that a student does in addition to their studies. With your grades and extracurricular activities, you'll get into any college you want.
2. slang Sexual activity, often that which is clandestine. If Jen didn't come home last night, I bet she and Bill were preoccupied with some extracurricular activities, if you know what I mean.
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hive of activity

Fig. a location where things are very busy. The hotel lobby was a hive of activity each morning. During the holidays, the shopping center is a hive of activity.
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hum with activity

Fig. [for a place] to be busy with activity. The kitchen hummed with activity as usual. Our main office was humming with activity during the busy season.
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Business activity continued to expand, although varying in intensity by region, across the country.
The Notice suggests that standards similar to those used in determining whether an expenditure is for a capital improvement or instead is for a routine repair (including the plan of rehabilitation doctrine) will be considered in determining whether an activity is a "substantial improvement.
The IRS had improperly disallowed the ranching losses as passive activity losses, and the trust was entitled to a refund or the overpaid taxes with interest.
If the mental framework out of which a human activity follows is the 'epistemic ground' of that activity, then from the activity we may proceed toward the mental framework, which must be the epistemology of science we are looking for.
Physical activity inside a pool with a water temperature of 86[degrees] F may help to alleviate arthritic pains.
Plan on making physical activity a part of your everyday life.
Activity therapists, therapeutic recreation specialists, and recreation therapists provide diversional activities encouraging participation, leisure education, and counseling to help people regain abilities and relieve stress.
The picture was different when another aspect of activity choice was examined: the frequency of activities engaged in, which is an indicator of activity tempo (or the pr-oclivity/ability of an individual to switch freely from one activity to another).
The study findings ``do not mean that sporting activity should be discouraged, as there are many other good reasons why young people should engage in such activity,'' the authors wrote.
They apply to individuals' estates, trusts, and to two categories Of corporations "personal service corporations" (whose principal activity is the performance of personal services which are substantially performed by employee owners) and "closely held C corporations" (those subject to the corporate income tax and in which more than 50 percent of the value of the stock is owned by five or fewer individuals).
Until now, organizations' Activity Management options to initiate and track activities to improve performance have been limited to either desktop applications, such as spreadsheets, complex Project Management tools or simple Activity Management solutions.
The rules for political and lobbying activities of public charities vary depending on the type, scope and amount of activity conducted.
Add the problem of high-caloric food, parent-size portions, and child-chosen food products to decreased physical activity many children face, (due to many factors such as neighborhood safety, access to safe public play areas, walking versus driving to school, television, and physical education changes in schools), and it's no wonder that child obesity has taken a giant leap in getting the world's attention.
Any number of activity descriptions may be submitted.
In fact, out of all of the offline and online activities about which participants were questioned, an online activity (i.
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