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on a (subject or activity) kick

Experiencing a particularly intense and constant enthusiasm for some subject or activity. Jim's been on a real cycling kick ever since he bought that new bike. I'm on a bit of a politics kick at the moment, but I reckon it will die down once the election season is over.
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extracurricular activity

1. Literally, an activity that a student does in addition to their studies. With your grades and extracurricular activities, you'll get into any college you want.
2. slang Sexual activity, often that which is clandestine. If Jen didn't come home last night, I bet she and Bill were preoccupied with some extracurricular activities, if you know what I mean.
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hive of activity

Fig. a location where things are very busy. The hotel lobby was a hive of activity each morning. During the holidays, the shopping center is a hive of activity.
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hum with activity

Fig. [for a place] to be busy with activity. The kitchen hummed with activity as usual. Our main office was humming with activity during the busy season.
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Szymanski and Hanley-Maxwell (1996) provided a framework for career development activities for people with mental retardation that is particularly useful for school counselors who need to integrate their own services with the services offered by other members of the student's IEP team.
Perhaps a review of activities that promote greater member participation and the achievement of the NRA mission would be of interest to the reader.
They talk about how these activities can improve motor skills, balance, and coordination; promote decision making, sequencing, and reality orientation; enhance interaction, socialization, and communication; and reduce a wide range of ills, from falls to aggression.
Build up your activities and your level of effort gradually.
Specifically, the two groups did not differ in their ratings of satisfaction with their daily life activities and how they spend their time.
For example, some studies have suggested that bringing gang members together for team sports facilitates interactions that lead to illegal activities, she said.
Top colleges like to choose well-rounded, enthusiastic individuals, not necessarily students with a long list of activities.
The court found the IRS's contention that the trust's participation in the ranch operations should be measured by referring to the trustee's activities had no support within the plain meaning of the statute.
Among these, worldview is the perspective from where we view science--so to speak, the knowledge structure determines our attitude towards science and as such it makes up the framework which is utilized in our perspective to carry out scientific activities.
Even though the CCRA recognizes the valuable role of charities and their expertise, limits still exist governing political activities and how much annually a charity is able to spend without fear of revocation of their status.
Socialization is another essential element to good care, according to the researchers' findings, Simard says, emphasizing that this finding is another reason that activities are so important: "Research has shown that those who socialize have fewer problems with memory than those who are isolated, such as residents who stay in their rooms.
Linking this software to the Internet has given ABC activities a new level of immediacy and functionality, and those are likely only to increase.
The partner's QPAI derived from the partnership's production activities (presumably whether positive or negative) is then added to the partner's QPAI derived directly from its other production activities, with the sum being the partner's total QPAI for purposes of section 199.
Kridel and Smith applied the activity-based strategy to identify proteins that exhibit different activities in cancer cells as compared to normal cells.
Anyone age six and above can earn Presidential recognition by filling out a log recording their participation in any one of 65 physical activities and sports over a period of a few months.
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