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on active duty

in battle or ready to go into battle. (Military.) The soldier was on active duty for ten months. That was a long time to be on active duty.
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active duty

Full-time service, as in Julian is 81, but he still comes to the office every day and is very much on active duty . This term comes from the military, where it stands in opposition to reserve, which refers to troops still in the military but not actively engaged. It is occasionally transferred to civilian matters as well. [First half of 1800s]
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To accelerate the hammer, you must simultaneously drive it down through the low point by keeping the shoulder low and actively pushing with the right leg.
Do nothing since you did not consider actively the original material in writing your column.
The librarian who participates actively in professional associations and
At the same time, approximately 1 billion T-cells contain actively replicating HIV.
In a year-over-year analysis, combined public and private construction projects that were actively bidding in the Phoenix region increased 30.
com CEO Gregory Webster said that AdvisorShares is one of the few firms that has approval from the Securities and Exchange Commission (technically known as exemptive relief from the provisions of the Exchange Act of 1940) to form new actively managed ETFs.
Pathway 1 requires two years of general accounting experience, while Pathway 2 requires one year of general accounting experience supervised by an actively licensed CPA.
Over a long investment period, the combination of lower turnover and fees can significantly enhance an index fund's overall return when compared to an actively managed fired.
I do not think the aging-services field is being actively promoted as a career of choice to undergrads and grad students, but I really think that we need to expose children in grade school and high school to our field so that they understand what long-term care is and what career opportunities are available to them," says Matthiesen.
And the judiciary remains the least dangerous branch only when it refrains from actively creating deviations from the Constitution.
growth), the study found the average actively managed fired experienced annual returns almost 2% lower than those of its appropriate benchmark.
By the end of last year, Japanese owners and lenders had sold, contracted to sell, or were actively marketing $6.
CHICAGO -- For Washington DC major-metro regions, including Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV and Baltimore-Towson, MD, the BidClerk Construction Index[TM] (BCI) reported that there has been an overall increase in construction projects that were actively bidding.
355 division, a distributing corporation and a controlled corporation must have been actively conducting a trade or business (through the date of the transaction) throughout the five-year period before the transaction, and they must not have acquired the trade or business in a transaction in which they recognized gain or loss (in whole or part) within the previous five-year period.
This means that there are more actively participating parties to all transactions, which lead to numerous interested prospects, greater numbers of offers, and subsequently a better result in the marketing program.