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With textual evidence so reevaluated in the light of Seng Zhao and William James, what emerges is an opportunity for us to have another look of a creative mind that could be so adeptly packed and compact with actions, so actively actionless, to see everything in a bird's view or "worldly transcendental" vision.
All three expressions can be used to indicate the enlightened person's absorption in the direct knowledge of actionless Brahman.
In her first feature, influenced by the predominantly political films of the 1980's and 1990's, she did not avoid the heavy atmosphere, the characters weighed down by memories of civil strife and of betrayal, the limited space in which the camera moves and the action takes place, but she did manage to make a film that avoided the stock political, humorless, actionless, self-important style of the times.
The Fife Flyer was still simmering with anger at being axed from the UK relay squad as he flew into Edinburgh Airport after an actionless games.
But the same goes for even the apparently static and lengthy, largely actionless, central Mark/Marnie duologue (car/Howard Johnson's/car).
Her stories nearly all come to us once removed--seen as in a mirror, actionless, happening in an excruciatingly prolonged moment of dilated perception .